Paris Jackson shows her amusing personality and guitar collection

paris jackson face
Paris Jackson showed her playful personality with an amusing share that featured her guitar collection. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Paris Jackson has musical skills, acting talent, and even a comedic side – she showed the latter of these traits in a recent social media post.

The daughter of late music legend Michael Jackson took to Instagram to share a funny video that combined her sense of humor and love for all things music.

The result was pure magic, as Paris’ 4 million Instagram followers soon learned.

And it seemed the video was well-received, earning 50k double taps and countless comments.

The video began with Paris in selfie mode as she mouthed the words of a male orator.

Paris revealed her “ladies,” which turned out to be a seriously cool collection of guitars. 

Paris Jackson shows her guitars

Paris’ first lady, a guitar, was Jill. 

Jill was decorated beautifully with blue flowers decorating one side of the instrument. The next guitar was a beautiful lady named Amy. Amy had a beautiful dark color. The third lady, or guitar, was Suzy, and the fourth was Briana.

The following two ladies were Shaniqua and Helga, two beautiful black guitars which were larger than the previous guitars.

Paris switched it up with Miss Kitty, who was actually a banjo, before finishing out the video with a few additional guitar shots.

The model demonstrated that she had great taste in ladies and guitars. She also showed her unique style with a white long-sleeve shirt and short shorts.

Paris’ minimal makeup allowed her natural beauty to shine through in the amusing share. Her light brown hair featured blonde highlights and a loose wave.

Overall, the American Horror Stories actress looked bohemian and trendy, which has been her style and vibe over the years.

Paris sported a nose ring and a few protective crystals, adding to her boho vibe.

The caption accompanying the post read, “My ladies.”

The musician and actress has more than just a comedic flare — she has also dabbled in modeling.

Paris Jackson serves as face of KVD Beauty campaign

Paris was a natural fit to star in a campaign for the makeup line of fellow tattooed beauty Kat Von D.

She teamed up with KVD Beauty to serve looks for the makeup line and shared the images on social media. The KVD Beauty face looked stunning as she posed with beautiful makeup and prominently displayed ink.

The model expressed gratitude for the chance to work with KVD Beauty in a passionate caption.

Paris wrote, “As an artist, I was drawn to KVD Beauty for their commitment to artistry and self-expression, both of which are huge parts of my personal identity. I cannot wait for all the exciting things to come.”

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