Paris Hilton went all out to get her fans to the voting booths

Paris Hilton attends a gala event.
Paris Hilton showed off her cheeky side as she playfully wriggled around in a monokini to encourage her fans to vote. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency 

Paris Hilton showed off her internet prowess once again as she took to the web to spread an important message.

The blonde heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, 41, is well-known among her fan base for her near-constant online presence as well as for her fashion brand and DJing side gig.

Although the star often seems to enjoy plugging her clothing and posting photos of her various stunning ensembles, Paris has also used her celebrity status to push agendas that are important to her.

Over the summer, Paris lent her voice to a good cause, speaking openly about her past abuse at the hands of the staff at the private boarding school Provo Canyon in Utah.

Petitioning to shut down the institute, Paris was not shy about informing the populace of the horrors she allegedly experienced while there in her teens.

The icon used her social media platform recently to dip her toes into another important matter as she encouraged her followers to get out and vote at the midterm elections.

Paris Hilton in a monokini encourages her fans to vote

Paris looked slender and stunning in her recent video clip as she rocked a silver monokini and told fans, “Get your cute little butt out there and vote!”

Though she did not specify exactly when the clip was filmed, it appeared to have been taken some time ago.

Paris’ lengthy tresses were bobbed at the shoulders, alluding to the fact that she likely employed the use of an older video for her present-day messaging.

Seen standing in front of a giant American flag that was likely an image displayed on a screen, Paris dazzled even from a distance as she confidently rocked her skin-tight monokini.

The seconds-long clip provided followers with plenty of eye candy, despite its brevity, and Paris proved once more why she keeps her audience so captive.

Standing tall and lean in red heels, Paris did a little stage dance as she leaned her body forward before reaching back to give herself a little slap on the rear.

The swimwear showed off nearly every speck of her fit physique, also giving peeks at her flat abs under massive side cutouts.

Paris finished the video with a close-up of her face, letting fans see she was wearing a navy blazer as she crooked her finger to beckon viewers in for more.

When Paris isn’t encouraging her fans to exercise their civic duties, the fashionista stays busy keeping up with her tracksuit line.

Paris Hilton creates her own tracksuit line

Any fan of Paris should well remember that the star has long been a fan of cozy, yet stylish tracksuits.

Her days on the reality show The Simple Life with pal Nicole Richie solidified Paris’ worldwide appeal and demonstrated her love of velvety pants and track jackets.

Taking her tracksuit obsession a few steps further, Paris has since created her own line of comfy garments.

“It’s always been something I’ve been interested in creating,” she told Vogue magazine during an interview this spring.

“They’ve been my go-to since before I could remember,” she continued, adding that she liked how the suits could allow the wearer to feel “chic” and “glamorous” while staying very “casual.”

While some of her tracksuits maintain a very simplistic look, Paris has ensured to add her own personal flair, throwing on arrays of rhinestones for added effect.

Paris’ collection became available for purchase in June, with prices starting at $95.

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