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Paris Hilton sweats in braless top after fan breaks

paris hilton hot dj
Paris Hilton is dripping sweat during a DJ set and she reaches for a fan which offers no help. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton‘s DJing skills are very hot, but her broken fan is not.

The heiress shared a video as she hit the turntables with a smile on a hot summer night.

Paris has been DJing all summer long, and as the world’s highest-paid female DJ, Summer is peak money-making season.

Paris was glittery from head to toe, including her headphones and fingerless gloves. 

She played Notorious B.I.G. in the background as she exclaimed how hot she was. 

The heiress was smiling, but she was also sweating, and she grabbed a black fan that had stopped working.

Paris Hilton continues working despite being hot

Paris grabbed the device and tried to make it work before she dropped it and returned to music-making.

She fanned herself and said, “I’m hot,” before she got back to work like a true professional.

The stylish DJ rocked a backless silver ensemble and went braless, which is her usual look. The latest glittery ensemble featured ties on the sides to keep the garment in place. She paired the tiny top with a blue skirt in her signature color.

She sported massive diamond stud earrings and large black sunglasses. Her long blonde locks were in a half-up hairstyle with loose curls.

Her caption read, “That’s hot…literally!❤️‍🔥🔥😂 It can get really toasty under all the lights on the stage when I DJ! 🥵 #Metaverse ⚡️ #ThatsHot 🔥.”

The short clip earned Paris 39k likes and numerous comments.

Paris Hilton is a hard-working DJ

When Paris Hilton began the transformation from a hard-partying heiress to a hard-working DJ, some people may have not taken her seriously. But Paris proved nay-sayers wrong when she quickly became a staple on the DJ circuit.

She spoke with Marie Claire about what made her different and explained her work ethic.

Paris explained, “I don’t just DJ; I will also take pictures with everyone, make everyone feel good. Make the person who hired me look cool and be like a guest. Other DJs will just go in, won’t talk to anyone or take a photo, play songs for an hour, and leave.”

As for the haters, Paris said, “I’m used to it, over the years. I love how, anyone I meet, I always change their mind right away. I’m not what people think. It’s fun to kind of laugh with it and say I’m in on the joke.”

Indeed, Paris is laughing her way to the bank as a successful DJ.

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