Paris Hilton stuns topless for exciting music announcement

Paris Hilton attends All That Glitters Launch Party
Paris Hilton looked stunning as she dropped some exciting news for fans. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Paris Hilton went topless as she paired a stunning photo with a music announcement. The 41-year-old socialite and businesswoman surprised her fans with the revelation that she’s delving back into music.

After 16 years, Hilton released an updated version of her 2006 hit, Stars Are Blind, from her studio album Paris. The refreshed version was released on Amazon Music and titled Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version).

Paris’ Version includes some newly recorded vocals which she worked with producer Fernando Garibay to recreate. Hilton explained that the song had meant a lot to her and that 2022 “felt right” to revisit it.

She paired her announcement with a stunning topless photo. The photo was taken from behind and showed Hilton smoldering at the camera over her shoulder while wearing a pair of black pants.

Hilton went full glam for her makeup and let her luscious long blonde locks flow out behind her. In addition to her full lashes, smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, and smooth lip gloss, she further added to her look with a tiny pair of diamond stud earrings.

She posed against a black background peppered with starry lights. The photo was used by Amazon Music to promote her updated song.

Paris Hilton’s music career explained

Hilton also shared a photo and video that saw her advertisement lighting up Times Square. In the caption, she expressed her gratitude for her supportive fans and those who have stood behind her music career.

Although, what was most notable about her announcement was her exciting postscript. She teased, “P.S. More new music to come in the new year.”

When Hilton first teased that she had news dropping on 12/30 that would “break the internet,” some speculated if a pregnancy or product launch announcement was forthcoming. However, her decision to delve back into music was equally surprising and exciting.

Some may not even know that Hilton had a music career, given that she is most well-known for her retail empire, her connection to the Hilton family, and for being a media personality. In 2005, though, she signed with AOL Music and released her first and only studio album Paris the following year.

After 2006, Hilton revealed that she was in the process of recording a second studio album. She even released two singles from the album, Good Times and Come Alive.

However, for an unknown reason, her second album was never released. In the years since, she has sporadically released singles, mostly in collaboration with other artists.

Based on her tease, 2023 might see her officially return to the music industry.

Hilton recently launched a tracksuit line

In addition to relaunching her music career, Hilton has been busy expanding her retail empire. Over the years, she has launched over a dozen product lines, and her perfume line alone has brought in over $2 billion in revenue.

Her empire just keeps growing, as she recently launched a new line of tracksuits. She launched the bedazzled and glamorous tracksuits last summer and has been promoting them since.

The clothing line was a strong business endeavor, as she has been known to rock a tracksuit since the early 2000s. Hilton stated that she pretty much lives in tracksuits, hence, she created a line in her signature style.

The suits are made of soft velour fabric for comfort and are bejeweled and peppered with subtle designs for style. Hilton has advertised the tracksuits as clothing that consumers can “sliv” (slay and live) in.

She has added to the hype by personally modeling and testing out each of her tracksuits and calling herself the “OG Tracksuit Queen.”

Whether it’s new clothing lines or brand-new music, Hilton is always offering something new and exciting to her followers.

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