Paris Hilton stuns in red minidress for Chile trip

Paris Hilton poses at the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women.
Paris Hilton promoted her latest fragrance in a gorgeous red dress. Pic credit: © Moskowitz/Globe Photos via ZUMA Wire

Paris Hilton donned a gorgeous red ensemble to promote her latest product.

The 41-year-old model, businesswoman, and socialite posed in red to coordinate with her new fragrance, Ruby Rush. Hilton attempted to match the fragrance’s deep scarlet color with her outfit.

She posed wearing a formfitting, short-sleeved red minidress with black floral designs. The dress hugged her figure tightly and showed off her flawless long legs.

In the photo, she held up one of her Ruby Rush fragrances, which brought out the red in her dress. The red was further accentuated against the sky-blue chair she sat in.

Hilton looked glamorous with her golden locks styled in subtle waves cascading down her shoulders. Her makeup was also stunning, as her eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick made her features pop.

Her photo was meant to advertise Ruby Fragrance and commemorate its arrival in Chile.

Paris Hilton wore red to promote her fragrance line

Ruby Rush is the newest fragrance in her self-titled fragrance line. After debuting it in the United States, she is now launching it in several others countries to continue the global expansion of her product line.

While the fragrance has been launched in many parts of the world, Hilton’s black and red dress was to commemorate its Chile debut.

Paris Hilton poses in red to mark the Chile debut of her newest fragrance.
Pic credit: @parishilton/Instagram

Before launching in Chile, Ruby Rush also launched in Dubai and India in mid-October. Hilton also traveled to Dubai and India to be physically present for the launch.

She released the news of the Dubai and India drops with another photoshoot in red. However, for that shoot, she wore a long-sleeved scarlet red dress with a puffy, layered hem.

Hilton promised meet-and-greets for her fans in Dubai and India. It seemed she had the same agenda for her Chile trip.

Her global expansion isn’t surprising, considering she has made quite a name for herself in the fragrance industry. She has been releasing fragrances for almost 20 years and boasts nearly 30 different perfumes.

Hilton also dropped bottle collection

Fragrances are just the tip of the iceberg regarding Hilton’s retail empire. Over the years, she has dropped 19 different product lines.

These product lines mean she makes virtually everything from fragrances to clothes to makeup to skincare products. Her lines have also been fairly successful, as seen with the global expansion of her fragrances.

She recently dropped a unique bottle collection under her self-titled brand. The iconic bottle collection consists of water bottles that are covered in rhinestones.

Hilton shared some glittery water bottles in a photo shoot for an Instagram promotion. The bottles are available in different colors, but all come encased in rhinestones and with a chain for carrying.

Hilton looked stunning in the photoshoot, wearing two different formfitting dresses decked out in rhinestones. Her photo shoot proved how well a rhinestone-covered water bottle could look alongside the right outfit.

Whether new fragrances or rhinestone-covered products, Hilton is continuously expanding her business career.

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