Paris Hilton stuns in red lingerie: ‘I’m the present’

paris hilton christmas
Paris Hilton is stunning in a red lingerie set as she shares a meme that reveals she is the present. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton has never been afraid to make a statement, and she did it again in a recent social media post featuring her dressed in sultry lingerie.

The businesswoman took to Twitter to share a meme of herself in a gorgeous red lingerie set while posing on a staircase. 

The meme showed Paris looking like a Christmas gift in the silky-red set– something the amusing text referenced.

The meme began, “When he asks you what you got him for Christmas?”

The post continued, “Me: I am the present.”

The amusing share referenced the fact that Paris’ presence was the present and also how she resembled a Christmas gift with shiny wrapping.

Paris Hilton stuns in red lingerie for Christmas

Paris, seemingly amused by the creation, tweeted, “What’s everyone buying their significant other for the holidays?”

Paris encouraged her 16.8 million followers to respond with their Christmas gifts this year as she engaged with her fans in an amusing way.

As for the star of the meme, she looked gorgeous with her straight blonde hair parted to the side and clipped. She placed one hand on her hip and folded a leg as she worked her angles and struck a pose. 

Paris donned a silky red bra with gold embellishment on the bodice. She rocked matching underwear and a garter belt around her waist. Paris’ garter belt attached to sultry pantyhose with thick red material around the thighs.

She wore diamond stud earrings and bronzer on her cheeks, with faux lashes taking her makeup to the next level.

Paris also sported her signature fingerless gloves in red as she held the railing and stabilized herself for the daring pose.

She completed the look with an over-the-top red fur coat and matching close-toed shoes.

When Paris isn’t rocking lingerie, fans can find her in one of her signature tracksuits.

Paris Hilton launches Paris Hilton Tracksuits 

Paris Hilton’s Juicy Couture tracksuits became symbolic of the early 2000s when the heiress became a household name.

Paris told Gotham, “I’ve always loved the velour tracksuit and basically was the one who invented for everyone to start wearing them.” 

She continued, “We just did our first drop and sold out right away, and now we’re about to do the second one.”

Paris decided to capitalize on her signature look, launching Paris Hilton Tracksuits, a line of tracksuits ranging from $80 to $118.

Fans can purchase Paris’ tracksuits for a holiday discount with a 20% price reduction.

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