Paris Hilton stuns in plunging pink minidress with a Mean Girls vibe

Paris Hilton posing on the red carpet at the 13th Annual Go Campaign Gala
Paris Hilton looks stunning in a plunging pink minidress paired with a Mean Girls vibe. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton stunned in a plunging hot pink minidress as she gave off a Mean Girls vibe.

The plunging pink minidress was just one of several gorgeous hot pink dresses Hilton modeled for the luxury Italian fashion line Versace.

The 41-year-old media personality and entertainer modeled to the backdrop of the song “I Like Pink” by Maeve Stier.

She complemented her plunging minidress with a gaudy necklace, along with a matching bracelet and ring.

She wore her long golden locks down for the photo shoot and let her perfectly straightened hair blow around her face as she posed.

Hilton finished her look with a pair of pearly white pointed-toe heels.

Paris Hilton wows in a plunging pink dress for Versace

Hilton proved that pink is her color as she posed in two other pink dresses for Versace. The second dress she modeled was a shade darker than the first and was also long-sleeved.

For the third dress, she donned an elegant, silky peachy pink sleeveless dress. She showed off the knee-high dress while laying down with her arms tucked behind her head.

For the last few seconds of the video, she reverted to her first, plunging hot pink dress.

In the caption of her post, she referenced Mean Girls with the movie’s iconic quote, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Of course, as Hilton also noted in her caption, she can pull off pink any day of the week. After all, she has been modeling since the age of 19, although, even before the start of her career, she was practically born into fame.

Hilton is the daughter of New York business Richard Hilton and former child star Kathy Hilton. Meanwhile, Hilton’s great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton, is the founder of Hilton Hotels, making her heir to the Hilton hotel fortune.

While her family name brought a certain level of fame, Hilton has also made a name for herself through modeling, maintaining a media presence, and entrepreneurship. She has dabbled in singing, writing, producing, acting, and DJing and has also launched 19 product lines.

Hilton spoke out against Utah reform school

Just shortly before her modeling for Versace, Hilton spoke out on social media against a Utah reform school named Provo Canyon School. Hilton has opened up previously about her childhood experiences at Provo Canyon School.

She was sent there at age 16 because of her rebellious teenage behavior. In her 2020 documentary, This is Paris, Hilton alleged she had suffered mental and physical abuse during her time at the facility.

On October 11, 2022, Hilton also alleged that she was sexually abused during her time at Provo Canyon School.

Hilton has shared her experiences as she pushes for the school to be shut down. The school has a long history of abuse accusations, yet remains open to this day.

She took to Instagram to share footage of her protests and efforts to end the facility’s alleged abuse.

Hilton’s post included a call to action to shut down the school by April 1, 2023, the first day of National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month.

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