Paris Hilton stuns in floral-printed dress for epic Orlando performance

Paris Hilton is stunning in her sheer ensemble.
Paris Hilton looks phenomenal in her floral-printed sheer dress. Pic credit: ©

Superstar Paris Hilton undoubtedly wowed her fans once again as she took to the main stage in her sheer ensemble for a performance.

The blonde bombshell rocked a show-stopping dress that was embellished with vibrant floral embroidery.

Paris took to her Instagram with a carousel of stellar shots, sharing the memorable moments with her 26.1 million followers.

She was captured in her sheer ensemble while she further performed for her audience in Orlando, Florida.

The beautiful “that’s hot” star looked flawless while she glowed and glistened behind the DJ booth.

Paris is certainly a multi-skilled and multi-talented star that always brightens up the room with just her presence alone.

Paris Hilton stuns in sheer ensemble for a special DJ performance

In the first slide, Paris was photographed in her black sheer dress while she faced her back toward the camera.

The masterfully crafted dress featured an array of pink and red-hued roses that were scattered amongst the maxi dress.

The dress also featured a cut-out design along the back and sheer, puffy sleeves.

Paris wore some glitzy fingerless gloves and a pair of diamond star earrings that trickled down along her neck.

In the next couple of slides, Paris was captured behind the DJ booth as she performed her heart out.

Just from the picture alone, it was easy to see that Paris was having the time of her life while she demonstrated her skill set as a DJ.

In one of the slides, Paris smiled from ear to ear while she held her arms up in the sky.

She sported a pair of dazzling diamond headphones, which she had resting over her ears.

Paris was also spotted using her gem-embellished laptop that helped source the music for the night. It came as no surprise that her glitzy laptop spelled out the word “thriving” in big black letters across the front of it.

Overall, The Simple Life star looked heavenly as she dressed to impress while performing for her loyal fans.

She captioned the post, “*DJ Paris has entered the chat* 🎧🎶✨🎤👸🏼✨ #Sliving #HiltonGrandVacations #HGVLPGA.”

Paris Hilton promotes her Hilton Pets line

In another recent Instagram post, Paris shared a short video clip that featured her and her pup as she promoted her new pet line collaboration with Moshiqa.

Moshiqa is a high-end lifestyle brand for both pets and their loving owners. The company offers a unique selection of luxurious fashion wear, leather goods, and accessories.

The trendy pet line was established in Los Angeles in 2017 by self-made woman entrepreneur Meryem Birsoz and her partner in crime Moshi, the Shih Tzu.

Since then, the company has had much success and only continues to evolve, especially with Paris Hilton as its representative.

In the clip, Paris and her pup, Ether, shared a behind-the-scenes look at some of their epic photo shoots.

Paris was captured wearing a gorgeous, silver sequin maxidress while her white pup was geared up in all-pink attire.

She captioned the post, “Ether loves a model moment 📸💖🐶 #DogsOfInstagram 🐾 @HiltonPets #ThatsHot.”

Paris’ fans can now head to Moshiqa’s website to find their latest collections, along with all of their newly added sales items.

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