Paris Hilton shows skin and makes history in thigh-skimming pink bridal dress

paris hilton
Paris Hilton’s Versace walk in a plunging neckline in a pink bridal minidress as she closes the show. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton was the name on everyone’s lips after her epic runway walk to close Versace during Milan Fashion Week.

The heiress received a lot of love on social media, and she reposted Instagram Stories and posts lauding her performance on the catwalk.

After Versace and Vogue shared a video of Paris Hilton’s Versace walk, it was Paris’ time to join in on the fun.

The DJ shared a montage featuring her before and after the Versace show.

Paris, the heiress, is truly “sliving” and this video shows how.

Paris shared a montage that began with the bare-faced reality TV star in a tight black dress with cutouts.

Paris Hilton in braless minidress shuts down Versace as bride

Paris’ long blonde locks were in a high ponytail, and she looked serious. Then, the video cut to a concept board, where the artist drew Paris in her Barbie-core wedding dress.

Next, the clip showed a garment bag with Paris’ accessories for the big night. She appeared backstage with a team of handlers putting on the finishing touches before she dominated the runway. Cameras flashed as photographers captured the iconic moment.

Finally, Paris worked her magic, strutting down the runway in the pink slinky dress with matching close-toed heels and a pink veil.

Her caption read, “Sliving on the catwalk and closing the show for @Versace Spring/Summer 2023 ❤️‍🔥💃🏼✨ Thank you @Donatella_Versace for an iconic night! 👑 #ThatsHot #Sliving #Versace 👑 #MFW #Barbiecore 💘.”

Paris Hilton had a DJ gig after Versace, wore the same bridal gown

After slaying on the runway, the world-famous DJ got back to her day job as a celebrity record-spinner. She wore the same outfit from the Versace show and rocked sunglasses as she got on the turn tables with a famous crowd around her. One such face was Vanessa Hudgens who also rocked braless Versace.

Vanessa playfully held a handheld fan and stood next to the sweaty DJ in an attempt to cool her down. Vanessa’s caption read, “@parishilton I will be your personal fan whenever u need. 😉😂.”

The camera zoomed around to see another familiar face, Paris’ sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild, who was in the front row, getting down to her big sister’s tunes. The ladies wore sunglasses inside and moved energetically, as it looked like quite an event.

The night looked like a fun time to be had for all, leaving some to wonder what Paris Fashion Week might bring.

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