Paris Hilton shows off all her angles as Captain Marvel

Paris Hilton smiles at red carpet event.
Paris Hilton looks stunning at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Pic credit: © Steffens/AdMedia

Paris Hilton looked incredible in her latest Halloween costume, a skin-tight Captain Marvel getup.

This ensemble was her third costume of the weekend, as she was photographed dressed up as Sailor Moon and an FBI agent as well.

Her outfit, designed by Trashy Lingerie, showed off the socialite’s incredible figure.

The iconic blue and red Starforce Uniform featured a red sash belt, popped collar, and over-the-thumb sleeves.

Paris accessorized her look with blue suede ankle boots as she posed around her Beverly Hills home.

She even climbed her front gate in a pose that resembled Spider-Man more than it did Captain Marvel.

The socialite wore her hair down in gentle curls and threw on a pair of Versace shades for a few photos.

She shared the photo with her 20.7 million Instagram followers with the caption, “Higher, further, faster, baby ✨? #CaptainMarvel ?? #Halloween ??.”

Paris Hilton loves Halloween

Paris is a huge fan of Halloween and loves to show off all of her incredible costumes.

This year was especially big for her as she promoted her special metaverse event, Cryptoween.

She celebrated with two other costumes over the weekend, including an incredible custom-made Sailor Moon getup.

The costume featured a short blue skirt and a white corset with boning over a sheer stomach panel. Clear rhinestones covered the chest, sleeves, and belt, while red rhinestones covered other areas.

A blue and white collar rested over her shoulders, cinched together by a large red bow.

Paris completed the look with the traditional gold crown dawning the crescent moon, knee-high red boots, and white gloves.

She captioned her photo with, “Dressed up as my Childhood icon Sailor Moon? Happy #Halloween! ??? #SailorMoon ?? #ThatsHot ???‍♀️.”

Paris Hilton is bringing people together in Paris World metaverse

When she’s not bringing people together at her DJing gigs, Paris is bringing them together in the virtual world.

Paris World is a virtual hang-out space that features special events where people can have fun and meet new people without leaving the comfort of their homes.

In addition to her recent Cryptoween event, she recently threw New Year’s Eve and Neon Carnival parties in the metaverse, which were both highly successful.

At these events, people get to dress up their avatars in limited edition attire, take selfies inside a virtual photo booth, and have their avatar walk a runway, among other exciting things.

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3 months ago

i can’t wait to win the IconicTracksuit with goop all over my face!