Paris Hilton shows ‘iconic’ tracksuit that fans can still purchase

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Paris Hilton showed off her “iconic”‘ tracksuit that fans could still purchase as part of her Y2K-revival tracksuit line.  Pic credit: ©

Paris Hilton has always shown great skill when it comes to monetizing her brand and signature looks.

The heiress showed off her ability as a businesswoman with her Paris Hilton Tracksuits line.

The line was a natural progression for Paris, who made Juicy Couture tracksuits a must-have item in the early 2000s.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that she decided to try her hand at selling tracksuits similar to the ones she used to wear.

Earlier this week, a fan account posted some words of love to Paris with a picture of the reality TV star.

Paris liked the photo and re-posted the content on her Instagram Stories. The Cooking With Paris star has amassed an incredible 21.5 million followers on the platform, and her share allowed a larger audience to see the picture.

Paris Hilton stuns in tracksuit from Paris Hilton Tracksuits

The posted picture showed Paris rocking a blue velour tracksuit. The sweatshirt top was unbuttoned, allowing viewers to see the black sports bra that Paris rocked underneath.

Paris also wore a tiara with her blonde hair in a half-up, half-down style. Her hair had curled ends, with blonde locks cascading past her shoulders.

She also sported a stylish bandana around her neck, with sparkles taking her look to the next level.

Paris Hilton abs
Pic credit: @parishilton/Instagram

Paris has capitalized on the re-emerging Y2K trend with her tracksuits similar to the Juicy Couture suits she rocked for years.

She told Gotham magazine about her tracksuit endeavor, revealing, “I’ve always loved the velour tracksuit and basically was the one who invented for everyone to start wearing them.” 

Fans who want to purchase a look from Paris Hilton Tracksuits are in luck–the pieces are available ranging from $80 to $118.

And tracksuits haven’t been the only source of income for Paris. She also released a media company, which was a natural fit for the business-savvy Paris.

Paris Hilton creates 11:11 Media

Paris Hilton started a company called 11:11 Media last year. The production company was created with the goal of monetizing content-creators’ pursuits.

The NFT lover spoke with Gotham in June, where she also talked about the production company. She said, “My whole mission with 11:11 Media is to help others’ dreams come true because I’m really good at doing that.”

Paris has her hands full with a media company, a DJ career, and a tracksuit line.

It seems that there is nothing the heiress can’t do.

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26 days ago

I can’t wait for her to get pregnant with MAJOR stretch marks.