Paris Hilton shares sweet post calling Nicky Hilton her ‘forever best friend’

Paris Hilton poses at a Women's Research event.
Paris Hilton gave a sweet shout-out to her sister Nicky as she celebrated National Siblings Day. Pic credit: ©

Paris Hilton expressed her love for her sister Nicky Hilton as she celebrated National Siblings Day.

The socialite and new mom, 42, gave a super sweet shout-out to her younger sister as she shared an epic series of throwback snaps of the pair enjoying good times together.

Kicking things off with a chaotically-colorful shot, Paris could be seen propping herself on a bed, leaning slightly over her sister, who lay on the mattress.

Clearly taken when the pair were in their 20s or very early 30s as Paris sported a cropped hairdo similar to the one she rocked at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, the two sisters wore colorful tops and gripped semi-circular handbags while surrounded by clothes.

The bags looked to be emblazoned with the Samantha Thavasa name label, and Paris wore pink and mauve-hued sneakers on her feet to finish her look.

In the second shot, Paris seemingly threw it back to the duo’s former clubbing days as they wore mesh tops and micro miniskirts.

Paris wore her blonde hair straight and down with two clips pulling strands off her face, and her attire consisted of a see-through, black mesh tank with a black bralette covering up her chest area while her toned tummy remained visible beneath the diamond cut-outs of the rest of the material.

A pink micro skirt made up Paris’ bottom attire as Nicky went with a more covered tank under the mesh and a mini denim skirt.

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton pose in sheer lingerie for throwback fun

The sisters brought the heat to the internet for their next shot as they posed in sheer lingerie.

With both of them rocking long, blonde locks, Paris used an elegant, winding staircase as her prop as she sat on a step while Nicky stood up and leaned against the stair’s railing.

Both Paris and Nicky twinned with their looks, wearing transparent, bedroom-oriented tops with black lace overlays that provided the only real concealment.

With both sisters showing off lean, cut frames in the minimalistic wear, the snap brought a sense of elegance to the series, with the siblings looking like they could have ripped right off the page of a magazine spread.

The final two shots went all the way back to the girls’ childhoods, showing Paris and Nicky wearing matching polka dot dresses as they looked to be playing pretend with a home bar setting before Paris posted a final shot of her and Nicky as little girls posing with their mom.

“I love my forever best friend so much. ? I’m so lucky to have such an amazing sister. ?‍♀️✨” Paris captioned the post before tagging National Siblings Day and Sliv Sisters.

Aside from clearly being devoted to her family, the former The Simple Life star has also proven to be just as devoted to her various career endeavors, recently partnering with Swedish fintech company Klarna for a Y2K capsule.

Paris Hilton partners with Klarna for House of Y2K opening

As shared by the Klarna website, the global bank service joined forces with Paris to create a Y2K-inspired pop-up in Los Angeles.

The pop-up aims to let people experience the trends that dominated the era, focusing on technology, fashion, and beauty.

“The 2000s were such a special moment in pop culture and I love that so many of the iconic fashion trends are back in the mainstream,” Paris shared in a statement.

“I’m excited for fans to visit the ‘House of Y2K’ to celebrate these trends and experience how far shopping has come over the last two decades thanks to new technologies and products like Klarna. Not to mention I also get to bring out my fave personal items – some of which haven’t been seen in many years!” 

Klarna detailed that the experience they want to create is not just a nostalgic one for those who lived through the time period but also an educational walk-through that details the life span of the trends that appeared in the early 2000s.

Taking the capsule seriously, Klarna made sure to get percentage details on how the populace feels about Y2K trends, with almost half of those polled saying that they preferred Y2K clothing to modern-day wear and over half saying they would gladly welcome back the matching sweats trend that Paris herself still promotes.

David Sandström, Klarna Chief Marketing Officer, explained why Paris was the company’s obvious choice to be the face behind the pop-up.

“Paris is the undisputed queen of Y2K, so when we decided we needed a partner to co-create a space dedicated to all things Y2K and shopping, Paris was our number one choice.”

“Paris is a global trendsetter, and just as shopping has evolved since the 2000s, so too has Paris. Together, we invite guests to experience how far shopping has come over the last 20 years, thanks in part to Klarna, while enjoying several Y2K-inspired activities,” he said.

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