Paris Hilton shares colorful throwback featuring Esquire shoot

Paris Hilton face
Paris Hilton shared an epic throwback Thursday series. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton just reminded fans how long she has been in the spotlight with a stunning throwback and a shoutout to one of her companies.

The Simple Life alum shared an amusing throwback post on her Instagram from a shoot she did in Esquire magazine more than a decade ago.

The Esquire photoshoot showed Paris engaged in menial tasks, which was ironic because of her heiress status.

The first picture showed Paris holding a feather duster with her hand on her hip. She wore a colorful two-piece as she pretended to engage in housework, dusting a crystal chandelier in a beautifully-decorated home.

The second shot featured Paris outdoors with a pruning shear in hand while kneeling in front of a rose bush.

A swipe right revealed Paris by the pool in a pink bikini as she tried to scoop debris from the water.

In the caption accompanying the post, Paris asked fans if they preferred a planned picture or a candid image.

But, just because Paris was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, doesn’t mean she hasn’t worked.

The reason for Paris’ continued relevance might be her multiple professions. In addition to being a reality TV star and model with multiple businesses, she entered the music world as well.

Paris Hilton has a successful DJ career

Paris has become a top-name DJ, headlining music festivals and having many club appearances.

The DJ explained that she didn’t simply show up to an appearance one day and press play. She spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her successful DJ career and her hard work behind the scenes.

She explained, “I travel all around the world, and I go to every single music festival — Ultra, Burning Man, Coachella, EDC, Tomorrowland. Basically, every single huge music festival. I always pay attention.”

According to Paris, she has always done her research to become successful, which involved listening to music at festivals.

Paris continued, “I kind of use it as research, and I am listening to music and watching how the crowd reacts. I’ve never played the same set twice. So every time I go somewhere, I’ll research the club, what ages will be there, what are the top 10 songs in that country at that point.”

If Paris’ DJ career crashed and burned, she would probably be financially secure. She also has a media company called 11:11 Media, which she tagged in her Esquire throwback.

Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media production company 

Paris launched 11:11 Media last year to help influencers and creators achieve their goals and make dreams come true.

She even had a summit in November, where she invited guest speakers to talk about the future of influencing.

“It was thrilling to see the best and brightest business leaders, creatives and disruptors shaping the future of the #web3 and the #metaverse in one room,” 11:11 Media wrote in a post about the event.

At the 11:11 Media Summit, recurring themes included NFTs, the metaverse, and the digital economy. Paris has sought involvement in these domains, championing her causes simultaneously.

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