Paris Hilton shares a day in the life as she hits up McDonalds and scoots around Las Vegas in a sheer dress

Paris Hilton parties in Las Vegas as she boards a private jet
Paris Hilton parties in Las Vegas as she boards a private jet, hops on a scooter, and ditches her bra for an epic night. Pic credit: ©

Paris Hilton shared a day in her life as she hit up McDonald’s and scooted around Las Vegas in a sheer dress.

She also performed braless during a DJ gig in Sin City wearing a sheer dress.

Paris posted a behind-the-scenes look at her fabulous life, and it was private jets and fast food for the heiress.

She shared the fun clip on her Instagram for the enjoyment of her 20.7 million followers.

The video began with Paris on a piece of luggage that served as a motorized vehicle.

White text appeared over the clip to inform fans that the upcoming video showed a day in her life.

Paris Hilton gives wild behind-the-scenes look at life

However, this video was different because it was the Vegas edition.

The heiress sported her signature blonde locks in a side part with the hair pulled back in a high ponytail.

Paris wore one of her famous Juicy Couture tracksuits as she rode the scooter to a waiting jet. She looked comfortable yet fabulous with white and black sneakers and matching shades as she drove up to the private jet and boarded the flight. Of course, she turned around and smiled before taking off.

Next, Paris sat in the back of a car after having arrived in Las Vegas. She smiled again, revealing that she was about to DJ at a Hilton Hotel event at Las Vegas Hilton Resorts World.

The clip jumped to Paris in selfie mode with her likeness against a billboard, promoting the gig. In the next scene, Paris appeared backstage, again on a scooter with a sheer black dress. She rode past a green room where she spotted a mini ice cream cone and grabbed one, promptly taking a bite.

For the big show, Paris got inside the venue and began rocking the crowd. Fans surrounded her in the DJ booth, and she graciously posed with them.

As it turned out, all of that jet-setting caused The Simple Life alum to work up an appetite.

Fans of Paris have known her love for fast food, whether it was Carl’s Jr., Sonic, or the Golden Arches.

Paris Hilton shows McDonald’s love

Luckily, Sin City has never been a city for sleep with 24-hour casinos.

Accordingly, Paris could indulge after her gig and chose an old American favorite to do the trick. She showed the massive fast food menu and the employee who served her.

The final part of the video showed the heiress with a super-sized red container filled with greasy and salty fries.

Let’s hope Paris’ McDonald’s fries were hot.

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