Paris Hilton is taking selfies from the DJ booth for incredible Vegas nights

Paris Hilton stuns in all-black attire in Vegas.
Paris Hilton enjoys her night in Vegas behind the DJ booth. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton dazzled in diamonds while she got behind the DJ booth to play an epic show in Las Vegas.

The 41-year-old blonde bombshell snapped gorgeous selfies as she performed a show at Resorts World, where she tagged the photos.

Paris has proved time and time again that she is a woman of many talents and skills, as she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to.

The blonde beauty is a well-established actress, singer, businesswoman, and as of lately, a rather successful DJ.

The multi-talented star took to her Instagram as she shared the eye-catching shots with her 20 million followers.

Paris certainly didn’t disappoint this time around, especially with these latest jaw-dropping pictures.

Paris Hilton turns up the heat in Vegas

In her most recent share, Paris treated fans with five flawless photographs of which she dazzled in diamonds and an all-black ensemble.

The star wore a beautiful black low-cut dress that hugged her body perfectly as she posed away for the shots.

The dress’s sleeves incorporated a shimmery mesh design that was completely see-through. The mesh design also appeared on her torso, reflecting a belt-like look.

She styled the dress with a pair of fingerless leather gloves, which showcased her freshly manicured nails.

Paris then accessorized with a beautiful diamond necklace, which made the outfit shimmer and sparkle even more.

In the third slide, she even threw on a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses trimmed with diamonds, and she looked happier than ever.

For her hair, Paris decided to wear her long blonde hair up in a ponytail as it inevitably drew more attention to her glowing skin.

In the last two slides, Paris was spotted behind the DJ booth as she got ready to hit the turntables.

She looked to be thoroughly enjoying her night in Las Vegas, and so did her fans as they smiled with their hands held high in the background.

Paris Hilton launches her new Ruby Rush fragrance

In another recent post, Paris visited India and Dubai to launch her new fragrance, which she named Ruby Rush.

Once again, the star posted a collage of different looks as she looked effortlessly gorgeous in every single one of them.

The blonde beauty shimmered in a baby blue ensemble embellished with diamonds in the first couple of slides.

She wore a gorgeous diamond tank top and paired that with a high-waisted skirt, along with a blazer that perfectly hung off her shoulders.

Paris looked phenomenal and executed the look with ease as she celebrated her very special night.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the model’s impeccable looks, as her post secured over 333k likes.

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