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Paris Hilton in swimsuit and heels celebrates her success

Paris Hilton close up
Paris Hilton poses close up. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Paris Hilton has hit a major milestone, and she’s celebrating her success in a pink swimsuit and high heels.

Posting to her Instagram Stories this weekend and to mark hitting 20 million followers, the 41-year-old socialite shared a fan repost showing her all pretty in pink, with sparkly filters channeling her much-known girly edge.

Photographed sitting on a pink cube bearing the Instagram logo, the BFF to mogul Kim Kardashian showed off as she folded both legs while in a pink bathing suit.

Adding in a faux fur and jazzy pink bolero jacket with short sleeves, the heiress even went as far as to tint her blonde locks pink to match her outfit, adding in pink high heels as she stunned the camera.

Text celebrating the social media achievement, reading:


Paris Hilton in a pink swimsuit. Pic credit: @parishilton/Instagram
Paris Hilton in a pink swimsuit. Pic credit: @parishilton/Instagram

Paris follows over 7,000 accounts and is herself followed by what a slew of celebrities. Keeping tabs on her are singer Christina Aguilera, model Chrissy Teigen, and actress Vanessa Hudgens, plus singers Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.

Paris Hilton feels she was ‘ahead of her time’ in the celeb space

Speaking on an episode of Hot Ones, The Simple Life alum touched on social media, stating that she felt she was “ahead of her time.”

That said, she did outline the downsides of a social media presence, adding that “the thing that bothers me is, I can’t even imagine being a 13-year-old girl and having those pressures….with people trolling you and being mean. No one should base their self-worth on the opinion of strangers.”

Paris Hilton proud of who she’s ‘become’

Gone are the days when Paris’ reputation raised eyebrows. The successful businesswoman and reality star has confirmed she’s A-Okay with how far she’s come – on her This Is Paris documentary, she stated:

“All I wanted this film to focus on was my life as a businesswoman, but ultimately I decided to tell it how it is,” adding: “I want to show that you can go through hardship and still make something of yourself and not let your past define you. I love showing who I am because I’m so proud of who I’ve become.”

Paris’ popularity is showing in more ways than one as she continues to attract brands.

In 2022, she’s fronting delivery chain Uber Eats – the brand was formerly fronted by gymnast Simone Biles.

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