Paris Hilton in a tight grey jumpsuit teases her ‘secret’

Paris Hilton attends a fundraising gala
Paris Hilton stunned in a bodysuit and heels while teasing her fans about her “secret.” Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Paris Hilton revealed that she has a “secret,” and she touted it in the most fashionable way possible. The 41-year-old socialite and businesswoman teased her secret in a short video in which she donned a stunning bodysuit.

The tight long-sleeved grey jumpsuit hugged Hilton’s toned figure in a flattering manner and showed off her long legs. She also appeared to be wearing a small black underbust corset over her jumpsuit.

Hilton accessorized her look by adding some fingerless grey gloves and some heels. Her black-and-white stiletto-heeled sandals also matched her outfit well.

She forewent a purse or any jewelry and instead, wore her long blond hair parted in the middle and cascading in golden waves down her shoulders.

In the video, she strutted in style across her driveway and past hot pink luxury cars. She walked with one hand on her hip and the other trailing the car’s exterior before settling into the passenger seat.

Over the video, she wrote, “Me when I have a secret that’s going to break the internet on 12/30.” Hilton further teased the “secret” with her caption, “Something’s coming.”

What is Paris Hilton’s secret?

Hilton added the hashtag #ThatsHot to her caption in reference to her signature catchphrase. However, she released no other hints about what her secret could be.

It is difficult to tell what Hilton’s secret could be. The businesswoman has built up her own retail empire, so she could be teasing the launch of another clothing line or a new fragrance.

However, she could also be teasing something a little more personal. Since tying the knot with her husband, Carter Reum, in November 2021, Hilton has been open about wanting to start a family with him.

She has revealed that she has already been receiving IVF treatment and wants twins. Additionally, she has said she and Reum would begin trying for a baby after a year of marriage.

Since their first anniversary has passed, Hilton has teased that her eggs are “all ready” and has expressed her enthusiasm about jumping into parenthood soon.

It remains to be seen if a product or pregnancy announcement is the “secret” with internet-breaking potential.

Hilton’s beauty regime and go-to beauty products

In Hilton’s latest video, her skin and hair are, as always, glowing and flawless. Recently, she revealed some of the secrets to her youthful and gorgeous skin and hair.

While speaking to Bustle, Hilton revealed that her beauty routine is pretty complex. After all, she has been “obsessed” with skincare since she was just eight years old.

As a result, she goes all out when it comes to skincare techniques. She has sworn off Botox and fillers but is all for LED devices like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, EMS [electromagnetic stimulation] devices, and all kinds of facials.

Sometimes, her beauty routine starts at nighttime as she applies Olaplex’s Intense Moisture Hair Mask to her hair, ties it into space buns, and sleeps with the product in her hair. To remove puffiness from her eyes, she also typically uses a Foreos Iris Illuminating Eye Massager.

In addition to the massager, she also frequently applies under-eye masks to keep her face “hydrated and relaxed.” She stated that she swears by ToGoSpa’s Pomegranate under-eye patches and once went through 10 of them in one day while traveling by plane.

As for makeup, she explained that she goes for a “business boss babe vibe.” Hence, she goes for a simple look of bat-winged eyeliner, lashes, bronzer, and her favorite Fenty’s lip gloss.

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