Paris Hilton dazzles in tight bodysuit and fairy wings

Paris Hilton in costume
Paris Hilton stuns fans in her gorgeous pink fairy costume that shows off her amazing legs. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton looks amazing as she shows off her festival wear. The Hilton Heiress posed in a pastel pink outfit that looked like it came straight out of a fantasy. 

Paris wowed in a strapless feathered bodysuit. The pink garment adorned with chunky blue sequins formed a triangle shape through the middle of the outfit. 

She paired the bodysuit with blue knee-high platform boots sparkled in the light. The shoes were laced with pink satin ribbon tied in fairy wings at the top of the boots.  

To complete the look, she wore giant pink fairy wings. The wings were lined with feathers and sequins to match her elaborate bodysuit.  

The Simple Life reality star has had no shortage of accessories. She was wearing pink fingerless gloves with blue hearts along her hand and a simple white chocker. 

For her hair, she curled her signature blond locks and added a gorgeous headband with two pink feathers to mimic fairy antennas. 

Paris Hilton’s makeup looked absolutely stunning. She wore a pink cut-crease eye look with thick eyeliner to bring out her eyes. She went for glowing makeup, giving the 41-year-old a sun-kissed look. She finished the look with a glossy pink lip. 

She reposted the story from a fan page on her Instagram, with her in her amazing outfit.  

“I’m so happy and honored that I get to exist at the same time as @parishilton,” they then continued by affirming, “she is a living legend.” 

Paris Hilton dressed as a butterfly
Pic credit: @parishilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton is an avid festival-goer 

Paris Hilton, who is also a DJ, has always been a fan of attending festivals. Known always to be a free spirit, she could be seen at these huge events such as Burning Man, Tomorrow land, Coachella, and more.  

For the last two years, festival fans like Paris have had to say goodbye due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, in 2022, Coachella finally decided to let the festival continue, and Paris Hilton couldn’t be happier. 

In an Instagram post, she stated, “Music Festivals have been such a staple for me every year & I am so happy that @Coachella is finally back this year! So excited to take you all with me.” 

Paris Hilton loves costumes  

Her recent fairy costume is no surprise to fans, as she has always been eccentric. While festivals often give her a chance to dress however she wants, she also gets really excited about Halloween and the prospects of new costumes. 

In an Instagram post, she was seen dressing up as fun characters such as Tinkerbelle, a rising phoenix, playboy bunny, raver bunny, and more.  

With these fantastic looks that she has been unveiling lately, fans are on edge to find out what she will do next.  

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