Paris Hilton celebrates Valentine’s Day: ‘Cupid is a little busy this year’

Paris Hilton attends a Golden Globes party.
Paris Hilton showed off her own take on Valentine’s Day style as she rocked a crystal bikini. Pic credit: ©

Paris Hilton continued to prove why she remains one of the most popular celebrities out there today as she posed for a dazzling new series of snaps.

Not one to miss out on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Paris went all-out as she showed fans that being a new mom has not altered her approach to the type of snapshots she chooses to share with her followers.

Joining the ranks of other celebrities who took advantage of the day to get a bit more daring, Paris kicked off her stunning series dressed in her signature pink hue and looking like a modern-day cupid.

Keeping her platinum tresses down and wavy, Paris gazed fiercely at the lens as she went full glam, a variety of well-placed bows as her only means of covering up.

The 41-year-old socialite and Hilton Hotels heiress gripped a light pink bow with a white arrow, her pink-gloved hands gently pulling the string back as if to get ready to aim. A heart-shaped cutout framed the star perfectly, and a pink background tied the whole thing together.

A giant pink bow adorned her chest area while smaller bows worked their way around her hips and back, adding flair to the stringy underwear she donned.

Sparkly, crystal-encrusted heels capped off the look as Paris bent one knee for added effect.

Paris Hilton stuns in a bikini made entirely of crystals

The second snap in her series showed Paris for a close-up, this time switching up the color scheme with a blue theme as she wrapped herself up in a fluffy, sky-hued coat that hung low off her bare shoulders.

A burst of blue rays made up the background, and she clutched a bouquet of blue roses with sprays of baby’s breath.

The third shot had Paris sitting down in another blue ensemble, this time rocking a sheer, plunging dress with spaghetti straps and matching sheer gloves, the same crystal heels on her feet as playful cupid decorations splashed across draped, ruched blue curtains.

The most eye-catching photos made up the final two shots as Paris showed off a lean figure in a bikini made entirely of sparkling crystals.

Paris reclined on a pink vinyl sofa for the sizzling shots, her blonde hair tied up in a gorgeous updo that left a pile of curls to form a semi-bun while tendrils cascaded down around her face.

Leaning against a fuzzy pink heart-shaped pillow, Paris crooked her arm against the sofa backing and rested her other hand against her bare leg.

A crystal choker encircled her neck, and her attire was made up of pasted-on crystals that formed the stunning two-piece, matching her heels perfectly and helping to tie the whole look together.

Pink satin gloves covered her hands and ran up to her elbows while chunky crystal rings decorated two fingers, and strands of crystal bracelets went around her wrists.

“Cupid is a little busy this year 😉💘” she captioned her post while tagging Valentine’s Day.

While Paris is well-known for her bold Instagram posts, the star is also a multi-faceted businesswoman, and she has used her fame to create her own line of clothes that hold a special meaning for her.

Paris Hilton branches out with the Paris Hilton Tracksuit collection

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Paris took her love of the early-2000s tracksuit trend to new heights with her revival of the previously outdated style.

“I’ve always loved the velour tracksuit and basically was the one who invented for everyone to start wearing them,” she shared.

Always ensuring that her tracksuit collection retains elements of glamor, Paris’ line caters to those who wish to keep their workouts or relaxation sessions stylish.

“Tracksuits have been iconic since the early 2000s and remain a staple in my wardrobe to this day,” Paris relayed on her website. “Over the years, I have collected hundreds, and I am so excited to now launch my own collection.”

A variety of fun and often velvety items make up Paris’ line, with items generally priced between $100 and $130.

The black velvet Heart On Your Sleeve Hoodie retails for $128 while the star’s own signature pink tracksuit emblazoned with her iconic saying “That’s Hot” sells for $108, also coming in other colors like blue, black, and pearl pink.

Scrolling down the main page has explanations as to why Paris’ line is so great, including details that the items are soft on the skin, inclusive of all body types, versatile, and long-lasting.

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