Paris Hilton celebrates her many animals for National Pet Day

Paris Hilton face
Paris Hilton celebrated her pets. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Paris Hilton did not hold back when celebrating her love for her pets on National Pet Day. 

National Pet Day is an annual reminder to cherish the bond between humans and pets.

And for Paris, that meant a social media post with fierce looks was in order.

After all, throughout the years, Paris has been known for adoring small dogs like Tinkerbell, her beloved pup with whom she appeared on The Simple Life 20 years ago.

The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to share a stunning series of photos featuring her fluffy companions, which included adorable chihuahuas and precious Pomeranians.

The nine-part Instagram post was a visual delight for fans as the images showcased the perfect blend of fashion and love for animals. Paris’ IG share garnered likes, comments, and attention from her fans.

Paris Hilton celebrates National Pet Day

No stranger to glamour, Paris revealed carefully planned outfits, poses, and even accessories for her canine friends that emphasized the unique bond she shares with them.

In the first picture, Paris and her chihuahua matched, with the mother of one rocking a mesh top by Good American.

The second shot showed Paris with three dogs in her arms as she smiled at the beach.

Another picture saw Paris at a dog mansion, with a lush garden setting providing a relaxing ambiance.

Her caption read, ” Happy National Pet Day! It’s no secret that I absolutely adore my pets!? I love animals so much! ? #NationalPetDay #Sliving ? @HiltonPets ???.”

Overall, the heartwarming photos captured the love Paris held for her pets. The Cooking With Paris star continued combining extravagance in every aspect of her life – even when celebrating National Pet Day.

Paris Hilton collaborates with Moshiqa to create Hilton Pets

Paris teamed up with Moshiqa, a name synonymous with fashion, luxury, and style in the pet world.

Together, the creative minds developed Hilton Pets attire, and pink was prominent in the garments.

The DJ used her Instagram followers, sharing a delightful carousel with some Hilton Pets designs.

Paris was a vision in a pink dress with glitter and balloon shoulders. She held her dog, who wore a pink sweater dress by Hilton Pets. 

The two posed at the Beverly Hills Hilton, conveying elegance and luxury to viewers.

A caption accompanying the post read, “When your friends tell you to wear something casual to dinner and you roll up with your bestie like this. ???? Shop these iconic pet accessories at the link in bio. ??? #Sliving #ThatsHot.”

The collab was yet another testament to the socialite’s affinity for taking things to the next level.

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