Paris Hilton announces exciting feature on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Paris Hilton close up
Paris Hilton dazzles in black leather as she’s featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Pic credit: ©

Paris Hilton is certainly a one-of-a-kind superstar who knows how to do it all.

The blonde bombshell has found much success in many different industries throughout her many decades in the spotlight.

Some of these successful endeavors include acting, modeling, singing, and even running her businesses.

However, as of lately, Paris showcased her exceptional modeling skills as she teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

The 42-year-old star was captured in various shots as she modeled in an array of glamorous statement pieces.

For this particular post that Paris shared, the beauty was seen in a beautiful black ensemble as the shot itself was left in a completely black-and-white hue.

Paris Hilton is stunning in her leather ensemble for Harper’s Bazaar

Paris was even kind enough to give her 22.8 million followers a sneak peek at the shots as she uploaded them onto her Instagram account.

However, for this black-and-white photograph, Paris was seen posing with her arms in the air as she donned a gorgeous leather ensemble.

The attire included a black bustier top and a matching black miniskirt. Both pieces included an array of silver accents while the skirt even had a diamond belt laying across the front top of the piece.

She coordinated the leather pieces with none other than a black leather jacket. The jacket also had similar silver accents and long fringe tassels that traveled along her arms.

Paris further accessorized with a long, silver O-ring necklace that fell along her bustier top.

For this shot, the blonde beauty decided to go with bold, dark eyeshadow along her lids, which paired perfectly with the rest of the ensemble.

Paris undeniably executed this Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover shot with absolute ease and perfection.

The caption read, “The @ParisHilton of 2023 is filled with wider purpose, is speaking truth to power, and is set on reclaiming damaging female narratives – including her own. While her new memoir goes into depth about the abuse she experienced in her teenage years, she’s also determined to empower her female readers who have endured similar traumas.”

Paris Hilton’s new memoir is set to be released next week

In her most recent post, Paris shared some exciting news with her fans — the release of her newest endeavor, Paris: The Memoir.

The entrepreneur announced that her memoir release is now only a week away.

Paris expressed that she was excited to finally share some of her personal stories with her fans as she hopes that it will further inspire them.

However, even with the excitement brewing, the blonde beauty also expressed to her fans that she is still more nervous than ever to finally vocalize her truths.

In the caption of her latest post, she wrote, “One week until my book Paris: The Memoir comes out. I’ve been so nervous to share my life story with the world, but now that I’m one week away from launch I’m feeling empowered, brave, and strong for finally seizing the opportunity to open up and tell my story on my terms.”

She went on to say, “My whole life the media has shaped my narrative, but now you can hear it all from directly me. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. And the most iconic memories and adventures throughout my life with details I’ve never shared before. I’m putting it all out there. This is who I am. I am Paris. 💖 You can pre-order my book at the link in bio.✨📕✨.”

In this short clip that she shared, Paris was first seen wearing a beautiful white gown as she held her memoir in her one hand.

In the next couple of scenes, the model was captured posing on the couch in her white jeans as she then went on to transition into her fluffy, white rob.

There was even a scene where the camera focused in on a stack of her new books while My Way by Frank Sinatra played in the background.

In the meantime, fans can now pre-order Paris: The Memoir while they patiently wait for the official release date next week on Tuesday, March 14.

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