Pamela Reif shows off incredible physique in tiny shorts and sports bra

Pamela Reif close up
Pamela Reif showed off her insanely toned abs in tiny black shorts and a matching sports bra. Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

Pamela Reif, a German fitness influencer, got her sweat on as she enjoyed a workout yesterday afternoon.

She showed off her insanely stunning physique in a tiny pair of black shorts with a matching sports bra that had a Puma logo on it.

Her six-pack abs were visible under the flattering ensemble as she took a selfie in the mirror, with a gym visible behind her.

She rocked her long blonde hair thrown up in a sleek ponytail with natural makeup that included light pink lipgloss.

She had a serious expression on her face, clearly ready to lift some weights and get into an intense workout session.

Pamela has been a Puma ambassador for a while now and has a collaboration with the brand called Puma x Pamela Reif, so it’s not surprising that she would advertise the brand while stepping out for a gym session.

Pamela Reif in a black sports bra and matching shorts at the gym
Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

Pamela Reif shared her workouts for the week and a new stretching video

In a series of short video clips in the same flattering outfit, Pamela revealed her new workout plans. Pamela stood in front of her bathroom, which had a beautiful gray tile throughout.

Pamela Reif in a black sports bra and matching shorts
Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

She said the exercises would be “a very classic split-one muscle group per day.” And while that may seem easy, she revealed it’s actually not, as it would require the same muscle group throughout the entire session.

Pamela Reif in a black sports bra and matching shorts
Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

The fitness influencer also advertised her new upcoming YouTube video, an 8-minute everyday stretching routine that saw her perform the exercises on a cliff in front of the ocean.

She told her followers she had done the video every day since she created it and thought it was a very nice routine.

Pamela Reif in a black sports bra and matching shorts
Pic credit: @pamela_rf/Instagram

Pamela’s new Puma x Pamela Reif collection will be dropping soon

Pamela’s newest Puma x Pamela Reif collection will drop November 5, with the stunning German influencer having been part of the Puma brand since 2016.

In February 2021, the brand interviewed her for their Catch Up Puma Employees Magazine, and revealed what kinds of workouts she thinks people can do at home.

She told the magazine, “Any kind of workout is better than no workout! Please don’t think only a gym session would be worth it and nothing else can make up for that.”

Pamela said workouts at home could be really efficient if done correctly.

She shared a stunning shot of herself wearing an outfit from her new Puma collection, teasing followers with what’s to come.

Pamela was seen on the beach during a beautiful sunny day wearing a pair of high-waisted lavender leggings with a matching sports bra that featured several crossed straps in the back.

She wore her hair in a cute bun, and wrote in the caption, “Each piece feels light as a feather, is super comfy & supposed to make us feel pretty while killing a powerful workout ??.”

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