Pamela Alexandra poses in a crop top and beanie for ‘cozy season’

Pamela Alexandra poses for a selfie on Instagram
Pamela Alexandra stunned in a crop top and joggers for winter photos. Pic credit: @pamaelaalexandra/Instagram

Before fleeing the cold, Pamela Alexandra took advantage of the winter weather to show off her “cozy” style. The 34-year-old model looked stunning as she posed in casual, comfortable wear.

She donned a black short-sleeve crop top for the photo that showed off her midriff and accentuated her curves. She paired the crop top with a pair of sky-blue joggers.

Meanwhile, she added a black beanie to her look to match her crop top. She also donned a pair of white high-top sneakers to finish her look.

Alexandra went for a natural look with her makeup and opted to go easy on the accessories. The only jewelry she wore was a small bracelet on one wrist.

Per usual, her nails were neatly and freshly manicured for the photo. She opted to wear her hair down, and it came tumbling out from beneath her hat and nearly reached her torso.

In the caption, she explained she was dressing for the “cozy season.” However, she also teased about upcoming travel, indicating she was “about to escape” the cold.

Pamela Alexandra longs for summer

The photo was snapped in Switzerland, which is where Alexandra resides. Though she was born in Brazil and her mother is Brazilian, her father is Swiss, and she was raised near Zurich, Switzerland.

It isn’t surprising that Alexandra is thinking of “escaping” the cold Switzerland winter. She has previously confirmed that she is “obsessed with bikinis and summer weather.”

On her Instagram, she frequently models swimsuits and bikinis for her followers. In summer and when traveling, she could usually be found by the poolside or beachside in a stunning new swimsuit.

While Alexandra has stated that she loves summer and bikinis, she can’t just move to Switzerland. She explained her ordeal in a Facebook post back in 2017.

She wrote, “Why is my dad Swiss and why do I live in Switzerland? Can I kidnapp [sic] my parents and move to where the heat is on?” Hence, Alexandra seemed torn between going where the sunshine is and staying where her family lives.

Fortunately, she has seemingly found a balance between spending time in Switzerland and finding new places to enjoy the sun and don a bikini.

Alexandra promoted her 2023 calendar

While Alexandra is most well-known for her Instagram modeling, she has recently started to build up her brand. Recently, she debuted two products available for purchase on her website.

Her self-titled website offers her fans Pam’s Limited Edition Pam Box and the Pamela Alexandra 2023 Calendar. While the Pam Box has sold out, her calendar is still available for purchase.

The 2023 calendar is a digital calendar, giving fans access to exclusive high-quality, full-sized photos of her for each month. She has also promised to drop more Pam Boxes, which are mystery boxes filled with her favorite products.

To promote her 2023 calendar, she took to Instagram to raise awareness for the product. The promotional video featured several stunning photos of Alexandra to the tune of Austin Millz’s Love Like This.

Alexandra told her followers that if they liked what they saw, they could have her for 365 days by purchasing her 2023 calendar.

It remains to be seen if her Pam Boxes and 2023 calendar will give way to further products or business ventures for Alexandra.

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