Paige VanZant stuns in sports bra following injury updates

former ufc star paige vanzant in selfies
Former UFC star Paige VanZant shared some fun selfies following her recent injury. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Bare-knuckle boxer Paige Vanzant isn’t letting her latest injury keep her down, as she recently shared a fun series of snaps with fans.

Posing in a bathroom, the 28-year-old former UFC star posted several selfies featuring herself rocking a black sports bra or crop top.

She paired that with comfortable pink sweatpants that she had sitting below her hips, revealing blue PSD boxer briefs with a black border.

On her head, VanZant wore a knit beanie hat featuring various shades of green, with her wavy blond hair flowing down from beneath it to her chest.

The attire was enough to show VanZant’s fit midsection as she held up her camera to take snaps in the mirror. She shared four of them, including a serious pose with one hand behind her head and others featuring her playfully sticking her tongue out.

“Man, I got all the flavor, B^ ***’s say I’m Delicious ?,” she wrote in her censored caption on Instagram.

The latest post from VanZant led to over 25,000 likes and 200-plus comments from various individuals giving their thoughts. The fighter seemed to be in good spirits, despite recently sharing some unfortunate news to close out the year.

VanZant shared injury updates

VanZant, who has been working with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) since 2021, revealed she suffered an injury during the holidays while playing around outside. However, she seemed to have a good sense of humor about it all.

She shared an IG video set to the song Creepin’ by Metro Boomin featuring The Weeknd and 21 Savage, with the “I don’t want to know” portion of The Weeknd’s chorus playing.

The video showed VanZant, presumably in a hospital or doctor’s office, with a foot X-ray or MRI behind her. It also revealed she broke bones in her foot.

“When they say you might have broken three bones and not just one….,” she wrote in text over the video as she did her best to lip-synch to the song.

Another video from VanZant featured her in a bikini, jumping and falling outside at night into the snow. That footage is followed by a shot of the foot X-Ray or MRI, and then VanZant flipping off the camera.

Additional shots featured a look at her bruised foot and VanZant, showing she’s on crutches with her foot in a cast.

“And with that, the 2022 season comes to an end,” a voiceover said as an instrumental track played with the footage.

“Awesome way to end the year!!” VanZant wrote in the IG video’s caption, adding Christmas tree and present emojis.

VanZant didn’t provide any additional updates about the nature of her injury or a timetable for return. However, a Fightful report suggests she has a third BKFC fight scheduled for February 27, 2023.

VanZant’s fitness includes a mix of workouts

Although she’s on the sideline currently, VanZant is known for regularly training at home and the gym, whether for fights, pro wrestling matches, or to look fit for her photo shoots.

A Muscle and Fitness article delved into her mixed workout routine back when she was still among women’s strawweight contenders in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

At that time, they indicated she was working out with Team Alpha Male, including coach Urijah Faber, also an MMA star. Faber said they “change things up a lot,” and it always brought a “challenge” to the workouts.

Among the activities mentioned in M&F’s report are plyometrics, shadowboxing, kicking boxing, strength moves, and stretching. Weightlifting and cardio are part of her routines, as evidenced in video clips she shares on IG.

All of these play an essential part in keeping VanZant ready for fights, as they not only improve her overall health and fitness but also help improve her skills in the Octagon or ring.

VanZant will likely take some time to recover heading into the new year but will probably be more than ready to return to her training routine in 2023.

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