Paige VanZant sizzles in spooky bikini and natural look for hot tub dip

paige vanzan shares a series of selfies from the hot tub
Paige VanZant posed in a fun spooky-themed bikini during a hot tub dip. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

As Halloween approaches, former UFC star Paige VanZant celebrates the season with her latest selection of sizzling bikini photos.

The 28-year-old bare-knuckle boxer, pro wrestler, and model took to her Instagram to show a spooky-themed two-piece swimsuit she wore as she took a dip in a hot tub or pool.

With palm trees and blue skies behind her, Paige wore a fun black bikini with orange trim and white skeletons on both sides of her top.

Paige provided multiple poses in her Instagram carousel post, including an eyes-closed look along with smiling and serious selfies. Several of the pics have her posing closer to the camera as she rested her elbows on the sides of the hot tub.

A final image has her giving a kissy face and making a heart symbol to show some love for her fans and followers.

Visible in several of her images are her belly button ring and a ring on her finger, but otherwise, she kept things simple regarding accessories.

Based on some comments, the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship star went sans makeup for her nighttime photo shoot. She kept her hair up and out of the way in her images.

“Last night #nofilter,” Paige wrote in her Instagram post’s caption.

Fans react to Paige’s nighttime dip photos

Most of the photos and videos that Paige VanZant posts to her official Instagram page get noticed, and the latest set of images was no different. As of this report, Paige had over 42,000 Likes and 340-plus comments on her Instagram carousel post.

Many fans commented about Paige’s beauty with her unfiltered and natural look in the images she shared, including one who praised her as “Gorgeous either way!”

fan of paige vanzant comments on natural look in pics
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

“You Insta models need to take notes from @paigevanzant We all like the natural look !!” one commenter said of her photos.

commenter about paige vanzant bikini pics
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

“The natural look. Always love it,” another fan wrote in the comment section.

fan reacts to paige vanzant natural look in bikini
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Paige VanZant awaiting next fight, will appear in horror film

When Paige isn’t busy modeling for her social media, she’s usually in the gym training for her fights. She’s currently part of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), where she’s had a lackluster 0-2 start.

Several months ago, Paige was to fight Charisa Sigala at BKFC 27, but that fell apart when someone pulled out of the bout. A furious Paige commented on social media about the news.

There was talk of the two women fighting at another time, including last week’s BKFC event, but that didn’t happen either. So far, no further news has arrived on Paige’s next fight and who her opponent might be.

In addition to her modeling, social media influencer, and fight careers, Paige is also an aspiring actress. She landed a role in 50 Cent’s Skill House, an upcoming horror movie.

Paige appears in a teaser trailer for the new film, which seems similar to the Saw horror movies. It focuses on social media influencers trying to survive a scary and deadly game. See Paige pop up around 13 seconds into the teaser (below).

The movie is written and directed by Josh Stolberg, who wrote Jigsaw and Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Skill House also stars 50 Cent, Neal McDonough, Caitlin Carmichael, and Bryce Hall. 

An official release date isn’t currently available, but a report this past August from HotNewHipHop indicated the horror movie will arrive in early 2023.

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