Paige VanZant is ‘up to no good’ in sheer bodysuit at pool

paige vanzant attending Rachele Royale Single And Music Video Release For Circus Life
Paige VanZant posed poolside for her shoot wearing a sheer bodysuit with a bikini top. Pic credit: ©

Former UFC star Paige VanZant continues to wow fans and followers with her social media content, including a recent shot from a pool she shared while wearing captivating attire.

In her sizzling behind-the-scenes video earlier this month, VanZant wore various outfits and costumes, including a mesh or fishnet bodysuit featuring glittery decorations all over it. Her latest photo shares gave fans some stunning still shots of the look.

VanZant wore the off-shoulder sheer bodysuit with a solid white bikini top underneath as she posed sideways on a white chair sitting in part of the pool.

She had her blonde locks styled to one side and flowing down the side of her face. VanZant gave a serious stare toward the camera while kneeling on the pool furniture and crossing one leg over the other to reveal the sole of her foot.

For makeup, VanZant wore dark eyeliner, lashes, and a light shade of pink lipstick or gloss to complete her look, which featured no accessories.

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good. ?,” VanZant wrote in a playful caption for her post, which had picked up over 43,000 likes and will likely continue to get double taps.

VanZant unveiled an additional post of herself wearing the bodysuit, this time with a close-up shot as she knelt on the pool furniture with both hands on the back of the chair and another serious stare toward viewers.

“I just flew in from Miami,” VanZant informed her fans and followers, sharing the eye-catching photo on both her Instagram pages.

Like other content she’s shared, VanZant’s post above got attention, picking up over 82,000 likes and 640-plus comments. Paige also credited Miami photographer Guillermo “Memo” Briceno for capturing the look in her photo shares.

Memo, as he goes by on his Instagram, also revealed a carousel post featuring additional poses from VanZant during the pool shoot (below).

Paige VanZant shares video from pool shoot

In another post shared on VanZant’s other Instagram page, she gave fans additional looks at the photoshoot where her captivating look above was captured.

The quick video clip, set to Come Check This by FETISH, features VanZant as she poses on the furniture with several photographers capturing the session.

“New content loading,” VanZant said of the clip, suggesting they were capturing additional images for her social media pages.

VanZant shared recent workout videos

With VanZant continuously sharing stunning content for her fans, like the photo and video clip above, she devotes a lot of effort toward staying in shape. That’s not only to look fantastic in her content but also to prepare for her next fight.

Along with the sizzling bodysuit posts above, VanZant revealed several recent workout clips via Instagram Reels for fans to check out.

In one of her IG Reel captions, VanZant proclaims, “I just wanna be a big booty cutie,” with a tag for @just_lifttrainingcs. She’d selected a remix of Toxic by Britney Spears for her background music.

The video featured the social media star and bare-knuckle boxer as she performed Bulgarian split squats using dumbbells and a bench, skater lunges, and hip thrusts with a barbell, among other moves.

Another IG Reel featured a sped-up remix of Lady Gaga’s song Bloody Mary called Dance Dance Dance With My Hands Hands Hands by Bella DJ as VanZant worked on her back.

Exercises from this routine include bent-over rows using a barbell with heavy weights and a series of pull-ups using a band for assistance.

VanZant captioned her IG Reel with flexing bicep and flame emojis, also giving another shout to @just_lifttrainingcs for her workout.

VanZant, a former UFC star, is now signed with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and has fought in two matchups, losing both. According to MMA News, she’ll have her third fight at a BKFC event in New Mexico set for February 2023. An opponent has yet to be named or revealed.

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