Paige VanZant in skimpy bra and matching miniskirt wants fans to scroll

Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram
Paige VanZant is in a colorful bra with a clear message to fans. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Paige VanZant shared a new post on her social media and looked gorgeous in the content.

Paige treated her 3.2 million Instagram fans and followers to a new set of photos.

The shots showed a glowing Paige as she posed in an orange, red, and yellow bra with matching opera gloves.

The ensemble’s colors fit the fiery aura that Paige carried with her throughout the years. Thanks to the lighting and sultry poses by the MMA fighter, it was easy to see how she got the nickname 12 Gauge.

She posed against a wall and then on top of a fur. The photoshoot looked inspired by autumn colors with a luxurious twist, thanks to the addition of the fur.

Her caption invited fans to scroll, with helpful arrow emoji giving additional assistance.

Paige VanZant is gorgeous in a bra and gloves

The first photo was full of action as Paige raised her opera glove-covered hands and twisted her torso. Her face was largely covered by her arms, but a light shone down on her blonde locks, which fell past her shoulders.

A swipe right showed the professional fighter as she rested her elbows on a fur and clasped her hands. She tilted her head toward her hands and gazed at the camera. She rocked natural makeup with expertly-placed highlighter above her cheekbones, adding to the glammed-up effect.

The third photo was similar, with Paige on her tummy posing on animal fur, but it offered a more zoomed-out look, showing Paige’s matching bottoms.

Next, Paige shared a profile view as she looked straight ahead, showing the side of her dolled-up face and a killer glow. Her hair was in a side part, with most of her tresses on the side of her head opposite the camera. She stood in front of a wooden door that was slightly ajar.

Finally, Paige turned around, faced her back toward the camera, and posed against the same door from the previous shot.

Paige VanZant has many talents

Paige has been a well-known name in the fighting world for many years. Her husband, Austin Vanderford, has also been a successful fighter.

But there is more to Paige than her fighting skills. She appeared on Dancing With The Stars and came in second place with partner Mark Ballas. She also competed on the Food Network series Chopped for a celebrity edition show.

On top of all of those things, she is also gorgeous and sees success as a model.

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