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Paige VanZant in plunging spandex and skimpy bikini for ‘day in the life’

paige vanzant at Rachele Royale Single And Music Video Release For Circus Life
AEW and BKFC star Paige VanZant took fans through a quick video revealing a day in her life. Pic credit: ©

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s Paige VanZant confesses she’s not a morning person as she shared a video clip showing herself laying in bed ahead of a busy day.

The 28-year-old BKFC star acted as if she was just waking up in the clip she originally posted to her TikTok before sharing it on Twitter and Instagram.

Paige wears various outfits throughout the video, including a plunging grey top as part of her sleepwear, a cute workout outfit, and a skimpy blue bikini.

“Good morning, everybody! This is day in the life of Paige VanZant. That’s me. Supplement edition,” she told viewers as she brushed her hand over her face, waved at the camera, and smiled.

“These are the supplements I take throughout the day,” Paige said before punching the camera and getting things started.

From there, the scene moves to the kitchen, where she uses cinnamon-flavored CBD from an eyedropper. Paige says that’s what she starts her mornings with, adding it to her coffee to make it “delicious” and give her a “positive mindset for the day.”

Paige VanZant’s day features cardio session, bikini photo shoot

Following her use of CBD, Paige’s day in the life video cuts to her in a workout outfit featuring a colorful sports bra and black compression shorts. She’s now getting in some fasted cardio on the Peloton before taking her first pills of the day: prebiotics and probiotics.

The clip also includes some quick footage of Paige wearing a skimpy blue knit bikini for a photo shoot before revealing she takes more CBD. This time it’s a 1500mg dose rather than 500mg because she has to navigate rush hour traffic.

Once she’s back home, she consumes a final protein shake of the day consisting of her favorite protein supplement mixed with water.

“Are you a morning person???? Lol I AM NOT!!! But check out these supplements to get your day started off right,” she wrote in her caption.

Check out Paige’s day in the life video below to see exactly what the BKFC and AEW star uses for supplements during her busy routine.

Paige revealed some of her unique training

Supplements are only part of Paige’s health and fitness routine. As she briefly shows in the video, there’s also the fitness component. In addition to fasted cardio on her Peloton, Paige also gets in time at the gym and participates in fight training.

She previously revealed a video of herself in a sports bra and leggings as she did some unique gym exercises, specifically focused on her lower body.

Set to Lizzo’s About Damn Time, Paige wore a leg band as she performed squats. To make things more challenging, she pulled a small bar connected to a stack of weights on a machine while bringing herself up to a standing position.

In another exercise, she performed alternating lunges with a weight belt around her back connected to a weight machine. As she does her lunges, she also keeps a stack of weights lifted.

Paige shared that the video was part of her two-month training journey and seemed excited about how she’d been progressing. This was before her third BKFC fight, which ultimately didn’t take place as planned.

VanZant’s next BKFC fight is unknown

Paige’s morning routine keeps her focused and fit as she prepares for her next fight with BKFC. She was previously scheduled to take on Charisa Sigala last month at BKFC 27 event in London.

However, Paige revealed in heated messages that her BKFC fight got called off due to reasons beyond her control. An MMA Fighting report suggested that the women were rescheduled to headline an October event in Denver, Colorado, but that no longer appears to be the case.

Earlier this month, Sigala got a big opportunity as she replaced Fani Peloumpi on short notice in a championship match at BKFC 29 in Great Falls, Montana.

Unfortunately, Sigala fell short, losing to Britain Hart in five rounds. Hart became BKFC’s inaugural strawweight champion with the victory.

Hart was Paige’s first opponent in BKFC and defeated her via unanimous decision over five rounds at BKFC Knucklemania last February.

As of this writing, Paige has fought just twice within BKFC. In addition to her loss to Hart, she also lost at BKFC 19 via a unanimous decision to Rachael Ostovich.