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Paige VanZant in bikini stuns by a window

Paige VanZant close up
Paige VanZant smiling close up. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Former UFC star Paige VanZant is stunning in a new photo.

The All Elite Wrestling face continues to delight her Instagram followers, and a new shot has been getting the thumbs-up from her three million+ fans.

Posting recently, Paige stunned with a revealing but classy shot of herself in swimwear, this as she went low-key and posed by a window.

Paige was photographed amid pouring sunlight as she leaned out of a window and from a white-painted house.

The blonde sizzled in a low-cut and stringy black bikini, peeping hints of dark pants as she rested her arms on the window ledge and gazed out wistfully.

Paige wore her blonde locks down and perfectly curled, adding plenty of bronzer to her face for a sunkissed finish. She posed with one hand resting near her chin.

A caption matched the facial expression as Paige wrote, “IDK.” She added in a white heart emoji.

Paige continues to make headlines for acing it with All Elite Wrestling after her departure from the UFC. It turns out that her aspirations were never to actually make it into the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Paige VanZant says UFC was never the aim

Speaking to The Guardian, the bare-knuckle boxer revealed: “It was never my ambition to make it to the UFC. I just started training to lift myself. I was a hidden, shy, timid person and I fell into it. I felt like I was adopted into this family at my first gym. I then had my first fight and when I won I discovered I mattered. Before then I was stuck in that victim mindset. In fighting I found a purpose and that my presence on earth matters.”

Paige has since alleged that being in the UFC led to her developing an eating disorder, although she is now recovered. She’s even promoting chicken as part of a new brand partnership she picked up.

Paige VanZant is your chicken girl with The Chicken Pound

Earlier this year, Paige updated her Instagram poolside and in a skimpy bikini while enjoying a container of chicken. She ate her snack with chopsticks to announce her new deal with The Chicken Pound.

“Making meal prepping and getting in shape SO much easier and tastier!!” she wrote while vowing that The Chicken Pound had helped her get into shape for a fight.

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