Paige VanZant goes skimpy in orange lingerie

Paige VanZant looked fabulous and Halloween-ready in orange lingerie. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Paige VanZant stripped down to the basics as the beautiful MMA fighter rocked orange lingerie and captured the moment on film.

It was a perfect outfit for the spooky holiday, with matching orange tops and bottoms. But Paige later revealed her costume, and this wasn’t it.

Her lingerie post, shared jointly on Instagram with 1000 Palms Hideout, showed Paige as she posed outdoors in an orange two-piece with white Doc Martens on her feet. She tilted her head away from the camera as she struck a pose with pivoted hips and extended arms.

Paige’s orange bra featured floral designs on the cups, and the straps had mesh material serving as a panel. The lingerie also had an orange garter belt sitting on Paige’s hips without a garter.

Paige stood on a wooden deck, which was soaking wet, with a chandelier above her head.

Behind Paige, there was lush greenery surrounding the chandelier and an Airstream trailer to her rear. It rained in the background, with water splashing back up from puddles on the ground.

A quick trip to the 1000 Palms IG page showed Paige was at a Miami location specifically designed for fabulous photos.

While a chandelier outside in a jungle-like environment may have been slightly confusing, it made more sense once it became clear that the environment was curated for photographs.

Paige VanZant’s 2022 Halloween

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Paige celebrated Halloween with her husband, Austin Vanderford.

Paige dressed up as a sexy police officer while Austin was her prisoner.

The couple, who has shared many couple-themed photoshoots in the past, took things up a notch with their latest costume.

Paige wore a skintight police officer outfit, complete with handcuffs and a hat. Meanwhile, Austin went with a sleeveless bright orange jumpsuit, with a “DOJ’ featured prominently.

Paige also referenced a famous Lil Wayne song, Mrs. Officer, in the caption, which read, “He got stopped by a lady cop 🖤🧡.”

As Halloween arrives, many people will have more candy than they could possibly consume. Unsurprisingly, Paige’s diet has never been heavy on sweets.

Paige VanZant embraced spooky season early this year

Paige has been rocking the Halloween look for a couple of weeks now. Earlier this month, she posted a carousel of selfies as she rocked a spooky bikini.

The skimpy outfit was in the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange, and featured on each cup of the bra was a ghoulish skeletal type character.

Surrounded by palm trees, Paige appeared to be sans makeup beyond wearing a little lipstick, and she looked absolutely fabulous. She put up eight different selfies all showing a range of expressions from the silly to the serious.

She captioned the post, “Last night. #nofilter”

Paige’s fans loved this post, giving it well over 80,000 likes and bombarding her with appreciative comments.

Paige VanZant’s healthy diet

While Paige doesn’t follow an Atkins or Keto diet, she revealed that she eats healthily. As a professional athlete, food serves as fuel, and Paige’s performance depends on a healthy diet.

She told Ask Men, “I don’t have protein when I cut weight other than what I might get from something like chicken breast. So I don’t eat any extra protein just because I’m trying to get the weight off. That’s the only real diet I have.”

Maybe Paige and her husband will bend the rules and indulge in some candy in the spirit of Halloween.

When asked what is her “binge meal” after a fight, Paige admitted that she loves Thai food, but she’s also a fan of Mexican, pizza, and wings, so it really just depends on what she’s in the mood for.

Paige on the red carpet
Paige VanZant does her best to eat healthily before a fight. Pic credit: ©

Before a fight, Paige said she trains hard and does lots of classes at the gym; she has both private coaching and regular gym classes. There’s no exercise routine that she really hates and that’s wallballs.

She said, “I hate doing wallballs. They’re really annoying. That’s one that I hate doing.”

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