Paige VanZant flipped upside down for bikini-clad handstand

paige vanzant shares selfie on instagram september 2022
Paige VanZant gave her followers a unique perspective with her latest bikini post. Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Former UFC star Paige VanZant looked incredible in a recent bikini photo share which also included a message about changing one’s perspective.

VanZant rocked a skimpy pink string bikini and a pair of white sneakers in her latest picture but didn’t offer the typical pose.

Instead, the 28-year-old bare-knuckle boxer, professional wrestler, and social media star performed a handstand.

That showed some of her impressive physique and several tattoos, with a small one near her elbow and another on her side. VanZant’s blonde locks flowed down due to her holding the handstand position.

“Maybe if I look up side down the world will turn out right,” she wrote in her IG post’s clever caption. She also tagged in the photographer, Eric Coleman.

Unsurprisingly, VanZant’s newest photo picked up over 22,000 likes and 100-plus comments in under a day.

Fans react to Paige VanZant’s photo share

With 3.2 million followers on Instagram, VanZant receives plenty of reactions and feedback with any images or videos she shares, including her sizzling Halloween costume and bikini pics. Her latest IG post received many emojis and some comments in admiration of the visual.

One fan remarked that VanZant has “the most incredible body” based on the latest Instagram image.

fan comments pvz bikini pic
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

“You are amazing and so gorgeous,” another fan wrote praising VanZant’s photo.

fan comments on paige vanzant bikini pic
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

“love all the outfits and you are so beautiful,” another individual wrote in the comments with a flame emoji.

paige vanzant pink bikini pic comment
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

Paige also posted another couple of pics by photographer Eric Coleman, where she posed in a different patterned bikini top. This shot showed Paige from the chest upward as she appeared to be standing in the pouring rain.

She held one hand on her head and looked seductively at the camera.

Paige VanZant share some of her workouts

With VanZant’s life and career involving fights, boxing, or wrestling matches, as well as modeling for photo shoots or other projects, she remains dedicated to working out.

Her next Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) matchup is around the corner, possibly in 2023, so VanZant will likely be preparing for that in the coming months.

Paige VanZant in a red dress
Paige VanZant always looks amazing, whether in the ring or at a red carpet event. Pic credit: ©

In 2021, she shared a video (below) in which she showed some of her routines at the gym, including squats with a barbell and weight plates, lat pulldowns at a machine, bicep curls, and sets of front and side lat raises using dumbbells.

VanZant also performs several ab exercises, including crunches and Russian twists with a dumbbell, to help get her midsection fit. She even throws in some dancing at the end of her video to have fun after working out. She gives viewers a mirror shot of the impressive physique she’s worked on.

In her workout video, VanZant walks on her hands, showing her impressive strength and balance, which she likely used for her creative bikini photo post on Instagram.

And in a recent fan Q&A on Instagram Story, Paige was asked what is her “favorite muscle group to workout?” At first, Paige was a little bamboozled by the question but then opted reluctantly for her “butt” muscles.

She then explained that she tries to workout her whole body and hopes that her butt gets bigger as a result. But she also admitted that she goes through phases.

Paige in a green pullover on IG Story
Pic credit: @paigevanzant/Instagram

The fan Q&A also allowed Paige’s fans to see a very different side of her. She was dressed very casually in a green sweatshirt and had her makeup at a minimum.

Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford dressed up for Spooky Season

Paige and her husband, Austin Vanderford, absolutely nailed their Halloween celebrations this year. Paige was made up to look like a sexy cop, with Austin as her prisoner.

Paige looked amazing in a skintight and plunging cop uniform, whereas Austin also looked the part in an orange prison jumpsuit. The pair posted eight shots, with them in various different poses. In one pic, Austin held menacingly onto a knife, and in another, Paige was handcuffing him.

Paige jokingly captioned the post, “He got stopped by a lady cop 🖤🧡”

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