Paige Spiranac wows in plunging top and skirt with message

golf and social media star paige spiranac
Paige Spiranac continues to wow and entertain fans on social media. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Golf and social media star Paige Spiranac looked stunning in her latest video clip transforming from one gorgeous outfit to another captivatingly cool look to deliver her message.

The 29-year-old Spiranac first wore a dark blue top and grey skirt, which accentuated her figure and curves, revealing her legs as she sat in a chair and smiled.

She had her short blonde hair tied up behind her and flowing. Spiranac also wore red lipstick to go with dark eyeliner and lashes as she delivered a message in several different outfits.

She opened the video, shared via PointsBet, wearing the eye-catching blue top and grey skirt as she sat in a room at home or possibly a hotel room.

However, her initial outfit soon changed, with Spiranac opting for a cooler look to try to replicate the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback, Joe Burrow.

“Hey everyone, it’s Paige, and guess what? We are launching in Ohio,” she shared about the sportsbook service.

“In honor, I wanted to dress up as Joe Burrow,” Paige said, adding, “but I’m just not cool enough.”

Paige Spiranac transforms from stunning to stylishly cool

Spiranac soon transformed out of her top and skirt into a much different look, opting for all-black with an oversized leather jacket over a crop top and black pants. In addition, she wore black shades and a fuzzy bucket hat to complete her attempt to look like Burrow, aka “Joe Cool.”

“Joe Cool or Paige Cool? @_paige.renee PointsBet is LIVE in Ohio, so it’s Your Move ?,” the IG post’s caption said.

The video shifted back to Spiranac wearing her original gorgeous outfit, chuckling over her attempt to pull off a cool look similar to one Burrow would wear.

“Yeah, I’m not cool enough. So Ohio, I’m leaving that to you. It’s also your move,” she said, directing people to download the PointsBet app.

As of this writing, sports betting is legal in many states around the country, with Ohio among the latest to legalize it.

Spiranac is PointsBet ambassador

Last year, Total Sports report revealed that Spiranac had joined forces with the global sportsbook operator PointsBet, to help promote their services through the various content she or they shared.

That helps PointsBet become more visible due to Spiranac’s large social media following, which currently sits at 3.7 million followers as the new year begins. She regularly appears in video ads like the one above or shares photos on her Instagram, asking fans about upcoming sports events.

That included her recent World Cup photo post, where Spiranac posed in a USA t-shirt tied in the middle to create a crop top. She asked fans who they were rooting for at the tournament in Qatar, with PointsBet’s IG tagged in the post.

“I love connecting with my community on social media and I know this category will be a fun, new way to get my audience more involved with not only golf, but all sports. I truly believe in what we’re building at PointsBet and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team,” she said upon joining Points Bet.

Spiranac lists herself as an “@pointsbetusa ambassador” in her official Instagram bio. In addition to appearing in the various photos and videos on social media, her image appears on the sportsbook’s website.

It seems like a win-win for Spiranac and Pointsbet thanks to her impressive social media fanbase, allowing her to promote their service and products to many people around the globe.

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