Paige Spiranac tells golf stories in black

Paige Spiranac close up selfie
Paige Spiranac shows off her stunning looks. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac proves she’s the “OG Insta golf girl” with her tutorial videos and golf-inspired photos, as well as several endorsements from brands that sell clubs and accessories for the course.

The blonde bombshell recently shared an Instagram Story in which she wore a low-cut black shirt as she told crazy stories about things that have happened to her on the golf course.

She comfortably lay on her bed and smiled pretty with a confident gaze, looking done up and primped to perfection for her new video.

Paige wore glamorous makeup as usual, with perfectly lined eyes, big and full lashes, and dark pink lipstick that emphasized her gorgeous lip shape.

As always, she looked as if she was having a conversation with a friend as she talked to her followers and gave an intimate feel to the one-sided conversation.

Paige is known for her fitted wardrobe, whether it’s on the golf course or on her social media feed.

Paige Spiranac in a tight black top
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige wore a long-sleeved black crop top for a stunning selfie

Paige wore the same outfit in an Instagram post the same day, showing the entire thing, and revealing it to be a crop top. She paired it with a pair of floral panties that emphasized her stunning hourglass curves.

Paige created her own wall calendar for 2023

Paige has her own calendar for 2023 that she advertised frequently around the holidays for those who may want to get it for someone as a Christmas gift. However, we’re not even a full month into the year, so there are still 11 months left to enjoy it.

It was shot by Paige’s mom on the Rusty Skillet Ranch in Colorado and she even did her own makeup and hair for the low-key outing.

Each month of the wall calendar features a full-length picture of Paige, with the cover showing her in a black string bikini, and it costs $28. It’s available on her own website, along with updates about what she’s been up to

While she is known for her lower-cut, tight, spandex outfits on the golf course or on social media, Paige told Maxim magazine she gets frustrated because she feels like people don’t support her just because of that look.

After she was named “World’s Hottest Woman” by Maxim magazine last year, Paige didn’t hold back in expressing her feelings on the subject.

She told the magazine, “People say you’re promoting women to show off their assets or to wear less to get more engagement online. My message is wear what you want to wear.”

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