Paige Spiranac stuns in new video to show perfect form

Close-up of Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac smiles for a selfie shared with her followers. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac showed off her golf skills with her 1.4 million followers this week.

The former professional golfer and instructor, who is now a social media star, looked gorgeous as she posted the funny video of her playing a 360-yard hole at the Red Rocks Country Club in Colorado.

The 29-year-old beauty wore a plunging crop top with a collar, which almost qualified as a polo shirt. She paired her sexy top with black leggings, Nike sneakers, and white sports socks.

Paige jokes during the video, saying she “discarded half a shirt and boobs are out but I am wearing a collar!”

Her long blonde hair was left loose and flowing, with the front sections of her hair in cute braids, presumably to keep it away from her face.

She showed off her sense of humor and made fun of how bad her shot was as she played before ending the TikTok video by saying, “golf sucks, I hate it so much and I can’t wait to play again tomorrow.”


Play a hole with me! Par 4 at Red Rocks CC playing 360 yards

♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj

Paige also posted a similar video to her Instagram account, where she boasts an impressive 3.6 million followers, and just like the TikTok video, she captioned it, “Play a hole with me! Par 4 at Red Rocks CC playing 360 yards⛳️ What course should I play next?”

And, of course, she looked stunning while doing it.

But it’s on TikTok where Paige primarily exerts her social media prowess. These days she mostly posts on this platform, and her informative and fun videos have amassed her 1.4 million followers so far.

In another video over the weekend, Paige discussed the frustration many golfers feel when they find their ball stuck in a bunker in someone else’s footprint. The model helpfully showed golfers how to quickly and efficiently rake the bunker so as to avoid this issue.

Paige Spiranac confirms she is no longer married

Paige Spiranac seems to currently be single after confirming back in March this year that she is no longer married to sports trainer Steven Tinoco.

The pair were married back in 2018, but Paige set the record straight during an Instagram live Q&A earlier this year.

As reported by the New York Post back in March, when asked if she was married, she replied, “I do get this question a lot, so I do want to address it. I was married. I am no longer married, and if you could just respect my privacy, it would mean a lot to me.”

Back in 2020, Paige explained that she and Steven lived a quiet life at home but that he had no problem with her sometimes risque posts on social media. She revealed, “I met him at the start of my career, so we have done this entire thing together”

Paige Spiranac asks fans for their favorite sports team

Since swapping professional golf for a career in social media, Paige likes to engage with her millions of Instagram followers.

She recently posted a gorgeous smiling selfie from inside a golf buggy, wearing a low-cut zipper top that showed off her curves, and asked her fans what their favorite sports team is.

The blonde stunner wrote in a caption to go along with her pretty picture, “I always like getting to know you guys better so I want to know who is your favorite sports team? I was born in CO but my parents are both from Pittsburgh so I was raised as a Steelers and Penguins fan!”

In another recent Instagram post, Paige showed off her driving skills while clothed in a beautiful but barely-there beige miniskirt. To the tune of Sugar by Robin Schulz, the model gave the ball an almighty whack before she turned around to give the camera a big smile.

In the caption, she advertised her outfit, writing, “Cheeky little deal from @clubchampion? 50% off fitting fee! Just in time for the holiday season❤️ code is PAIGE. Get fit for new clubs today! Link in my bio to find a location near you.”

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