Paige Spiranac stuns in a crop top and miniskirt for promotion

Paige Spiranac poses for a selfie on Instagram
Paige Spiranac stunned in a crop top and miniskirt to tell her fans about a contest. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac wowed in a crop top and plaid skirt as she jumped on social media to share some info with her followers. The 29-year-old model and former professional golfer urged her followers to enter an end-of-year contest.

The contest was in collaboration with Betsperts and offered a chance for one to win a round of golf at an Ohio golf course. Spiranac shared a link her followers could follow to enter the contest for free.

Meanwhile, she paired the contest promotion with a gorgeous photo. In the photo, she posed in a long-sleeved, collared crop top with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

The crop top featured a dangerously plunging neckline and also showed off her incredibly toned midriff. She paired the crop top with a grey and black plaid miniskirt.

Spiranac also appeared to be wearing knee-high white socks as she clenched a golf club in both hands.

Meanwhile, she opted to wear her hair down for the photo and went full glam with her makeup. Her blond hair tumbled down her shoulders and framed her face nicely as she smiled and looked off into the distance.

Paige Spiranac hosts contest for partnership with Betsperts

The link that Spiranac shared will direct users to the contest entry page. Meanwhile, that page is featured on Betsperts’ website, the sports gambling social network that Spiranac partners with.

The contest is the latest initiative that Spiranac and Betsperts have launched since beginning their partnership. The contest will garner the brand further attention as it offers the chance for one to win a round of golf at Firestone Country Club, Ohio’s #1 public golf course.

Paige Spiranac promotes a contest on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Spiranac has further promoted the network by helping them expand their business and by partaking in interviews with them. The website catches up with Spiranac every month to ask her questions about her favorite sports teams or the highs and lows of being famous.

However, her biggest initiative with Betsperts so far was helping them launch Betsperts Golf. Back in April, Betsperts CEO Red Rooney collaborated with Spiranac to launch a site specifically dedicated to golf betting.

The subdivision of Besperts has its own website and provides consumers with all the tools and info they need to bet on golf.

Spiranac has also hosted contests before with Betsperts, including one in which she gave fans the opportunity to win a trip and a round of golf with her.

As a Betsperts partner, Spiranac has helped grow the company and raise awareness for it through her social media posts, contests, and interviews.

Spiranac is a golf instructor and former pro golfer

While Spiranac is interested in sports betting, she is also interested in physically playing sports as well. She is a former professional golfer but has continued to feed her love for golf by working as an instructor.

Spiranac has even taken to sharing her golf tips with her followers through instructional videos. She frequently posts videos to Instagram, with each tackling a different aspect of golf.

Back in September, she donned a pink bodysuit to teach her fans about divots. The video tackled an important topic as a lack of divot knowledge can lead some inexperienced players to create divots on golf courses which then need filling.

About a month ago, she offered tips on how to hit the ball effectively by performing a couple of different drills. She showed how to do each drill in her video, which included different stances and swings.

Meanwhile, she looked stunning while illustrating the drills in tight spandex shorts and a cropped tank top.

Spiranac is very knowledgeable when it comes to playing and betting on sports, and she always shares her knowledge with her fans in impeccable style.

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Lora Bell
Lora Bell
30 days ago

For those that are confused about what a woman is, See Paige. She is 100% woman.