Paige Spiranac shows team support for Super Bowl

golf and social media star paige spiranac
Paige Spiranac may have revealed which team she prefers to win the Super Bowl. Pic credit: Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Social media sensation and golf stunner Paige Spiranac is letting fans know she’s ready for the Super Bowl and may have tipped her hand as to which of the NFL teams she’s rooting for.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will play Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles in the big game, with Mahomes’ wife Brittany among the avid supporters of her husband whenever he steps on the football field.

However, Spiranac seems to be rooting for the opponents, as she’s posted several pieces of content in which she’s wearing a plunging top supporting Philly.

In a slide shared to her Instagram Stories, Spiranac has on the primarily white crop top, which features “Shakes for Philadelphia Touchdowns” written in green.

She paired the top with skintight black Seasum shorts featuring white trim for a scintillating look, revealing her toned midsection. Her makeup includes dark lashes and eyeliner with light pink lipstick.

For her Stories slide, she’s struck four unique poses in the attire, all facing forward. In her first, Spiranac has her thumbs resting under the straps of her white top. A second shot has her with one arm bent and a hand placed below her chin.

The blonde beauty shows a kissy face in the third pic and keeps her hands behind her flowing blond locks in the fourth. In the majority of her images, she’s got a beaming smile on her face.

paige spiranac shows team loyalty for super bowl matchup
Paige Spiranac’s cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac showed her football skills ahead of the Super Bowl

With the NFL’s championship game coming up, various celebrities and sports personalities have been revving up fans for the event, including former WWE stars The Bella Twins and Charly “Caruso” Arnolt.

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Paige Spiranac got fans hyped for the Super Bowl via another post she shared on her social media.

It featured Spiranac as she participated in various drills on a fake football field. Among the tasks were running with the football on a training ladder, jumping on a tackling dummy, and kicking a field goal or extra point.

She did all of the above while dressed in another stunning outfit and seemed to have plenty of fun as she tested out her skills. Spiranac closed the clip by flexing and growling jokingly, showing her intense and playful competitive spirit.

Paige Spiranac shared her at-home arms workout

Spiranac continues to look fabulous in her social media posts, including the one revealing her skills in various football drills. The 29-year-old has shared some insights into her training routines via her YouTube channel.

Several years ago, she uploaded a video where she rocked a black crop top and matching leggings. In a nine-minute session, Spiranac presented an at-home workout focused on arms and abs.

In a creative twist for her workout, Spiranac grabbed a few golf clubs and used them similar to a barbell to provide a bit of weight for her exercises.

She told viewers to perform each exercise for 45 seconds without any rest in between them to create a circuit. After completing a circuit, then rest was allowed. Spiranac said to repeat the circuit one to three times.

Her upper body exercises included bicep curls, serve the platters, chest presses, overhead presses, and tricep extensions. Spiranac also did pushups, planks, and touch-the-shoulder planks. She finished the routine with three sets of bicycle kicks at 30 seconds each to work the abs.

At the time, she explained she typically works on her lower body, including her glutes and legs, “at least four times a week.” Spiranac said her upper body workouts generally are twice per week, and then she’ll have an “active rest day,” which might include taking her dog on a walk.

Based on her stunning outfit reveals and the sports skills she’s shown via her social media, it makes sense that Spiranac is committed to keeping herself feeling fantastic and fit.

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