Paige Spiranac reminds fans to order their swimsuit calendars

Paige Spiranac attends the 2019 ESPY Awards
Paige Spiranac stuns in a bikini as she sends a reminder to fans. Pic credit: ©

Paige Spiranac dazzled fans with the reminder she shared with them to buy their swimsuit calendars for 2023.

The 29-year-old former professional golfer paired her reminder with a photo of herself in a black bikini. The photo, which showed her from the waist up, captured her toned figure.

To add to the swimsuit theme, she left her hair damp for the photo. Additionally, water droplets could be seen glistening on her skin.

Spiranac crossed her arms in front of her and smoldered at the camera with a slight smile on her lips.

The dazzling photo wasn’t just to show off her toned figure, though, as it contained an important reminder for her fans. In the caption, she urged her followers to pre-order her calendar so that they get it by November 1.

She also included a link to her website to guide her followers on where and how to purchase it.

Paige Spiranac stunned in bikini for calendar reminder

The stunning photo serves as the cover of her 2023 calendar, and it’s not difficult to see why Spiranac is excited about it.

On her website, she explains the 365 days of Paige calendar is meant to be a celebration of 2023. Meanwhile, 2023 is a celebratory year because it will mark her 30th birthday.

Every month includes a brand-new photo of Spiranac. Each photo was shot at the secluded and breathtaking getaway Rusty Skillet Ranch in Colorado.

Paige Spiranac dazzles in a bikini for a reminder to fans in her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

The location in Colorado isn’t surprising, considering Spiranac was born and raised in the state. It was in Colorado that she first kicked off her golf career by winning several tournaments in Colorado’s junior golf circuit.

She ended up leaving Colorado for Arizona when she attended the University of Arizona on a golf scholarship. After playing college golf, she went on to play professional golf for several years before quitting due to the pressure it put on her.

She has continued to make a name for herself, though, as a golf instructor who has also dabbled in modeling and entrepreneurship.

Spiranac is the most-followed golfer on Instagram

Spiranac’s calendar reminder comes just days after she was revealed to be the most-followed golfer on Instagram in 2022. The news was shared by GolfMagic on Twitter as they published a list of the top 10 most-followed golfers.

Spiranac nabbed the top spot with her 3.6 million followers. She is in the lead by a hefty 600,000 followers.

Behind her in second place was Tiger Woods, with 3 million followers. Even though Woods is considered one of the great golfers of all time, he failed to surpass Spiranac in followers.

Meanwhile, Spiranac had a hilarious and cheeky response to the news that she shared via Twitter.

Jokes aside though, Spiranac’s place at the top of the list isn’t too surprising. She has worked hard to build a brand for herself and has continued to attract attention with her post-golf endeavors.

Her fans helped her gain the spot as the most-followed golfer on Instagram, and now she hopes they will likewise show up for her new swimsuit calendar.

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