Paige Spiranac opens up on ‘best and worst parts’ of her career

Paige Spiranac attends the 2018 ESPYS
Paige Spiranac donned a black body suit to direct fans to her latest interview. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Paige Spiranac posed with a pair of golf clubs while revealing her latest interview to her followers.

The 29-year-old model and former professional golfer recently participated in an interview during which she opened up about the ups and downs of her career.

She snapped a photo while wearing a black bodysuit to celebrate the interview’s release. The sheer black bodysuit was barebacked and formfitting, showing off her impressive physique.

In the photo, her golf bag and clubs could be spotted in her hands. Meanwhile, she posed in front of a pretty flowery bush.

Her golden locks cascaded in her curls down her back as she looked at the camera over her shoulder. She looked radiant and happy as she flashed the camera a wide smile.

In the caption, she indicated that she has been doing weekly interviews. However, the topic of her most recent interview was especially interesting.

Paige Spiranac detailed the pros and cons of her job

The juicy interview with Betspert saw Spiranac get a little candid about her job. As both a model and former pro golfer, Spiranac’s job isn’t typical, and she opened up on the best and worst aspects of it.

Paige Spiranac urges her followers to read her latest interview on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

For the interview, Paige started by listing three of the best things about her career. The first was that she had the opportunity to inspire others, such as inspiring girls to play golf despite it being a male-dominated sport.

She also admitted that getting free stuff from her brand partnerships was another big positive for her. The last positive was that she had the opportunity to travel extensively.

Traveling also made it into the worst parts of her career list. This is because, while it’s fun, it is also very draining and challenging to live on the road.

Another low part of her career is the hate she receives from viewers who feel the need to comment on every aspect of her life negatively. The last low was dealing with stalkers and having her privacy invaded by them.

Despite the haters and stalkers, though, Spiranac boasts a big fanbase who also supports and respects her.

Spiranac is a PointsBet brand ambassador

Spiranac mentioned how partnerships with brands were one of the highlights of her career. Fortunately, she has many brands interested in partnering with her.

One of her most fruitful partnerships has been with PointsBet, a sports betting company. She was named a brand ambassador for PointsBet in January 2021.

Spiranac kicked off her partnership with a bang as she quickly revealed she would be giving out $3 million worth of free bets to celebrate her arrival.

For almost two years now, she has remained the face of the brand. She is frequently featured in their endorsements and engages with their clients.

She recently was featured in a PointsBet video where she asked for opinions about the USA World Cup kit.

Her large social media following and experience in modeling and golf have aided in her effectively endorsing PointBet.

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