Paige Spiranac is preparing for the Super Bowl in style

paiga spiranac selfie
Golf star Paige Spiranac is getting ready for the Super Bowl. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac may be the OG golf girl on Instagram, but her athletic abilities extend beyond the green.

The beautiful blonde demonstrated her agility and speed in an amusing video shared on social media Wednesday.

As Paige’s fans soon learned, the golf player had moves she was ready to use, showing a preview with her 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Paige’s content often features the pro athlete striking poses and selling products. 

However, Paige’s latest share showed some of her impeccable sense of humor and physical fitness. 

The combination made for a lovely video that Paige’s fans and followers were blessed to receive.

Paige Spiranac gets ready for football in minidress

The video began with a training ladder that Paige would soon conquer flawlessly with perfect execution. Paige appeared in front of the equipment wearing a white and red striped minidress with lace-up detailing on the bodice.

Next, Paige ran toward a football, kicking a field goal like a pro. 

After, Paige grabbed a football and easily ran between two dummies.

Finally, she completed the training ladder exercise with the grace of a gazelle.

Paige’s hair was beautiful, with voluminous blonde tresses and loose waves. Her makeup was also magnificent, featuring dark liner and a soft glam style.

Her caption read, “Put me in coach. I’m ready for the NFL.”

And if the NFL doesn’t want Paige’s services, she may have a future as a personal trainer.

Paige Spiranac shares leg day workout secrets 

Paige is a successful social media personality who has also used YouTube to her benefit, growing her brand.

She has posted fitness videos on her YouTube account, including a recent leg workout share with her lower body exercises. Paige looked gorgeous in a purple mesh bodysuit as she began her workout.

To begin, Paige grabbed a pink resistance band and placed it around her ankles. Next, she demonstrated the small leg raises and slight movements that her first exercise involved. After, Paige raised the leg band slightly, doing the same movement but targeting different muscles.

After the side leg raises, Paige worked her glutes, grabbing her equipment for stability.

The leg raises concluded Paige’s band exercise, and it was time to lift. Paige did a few weighted squat variations, explaining her technique and reasoning behind the move.

Then, Paige did some deadlifts, which can be a great tool for core strength.

As fans saw from the video, Paige puts in time at the gym and knows what she is doing.

From at-the-home workouts to Super Bowl preparation, Paige has apparent athletic skills.

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