Paige Spiranac in crop top and miniskirt shows off new sunglasses

Paige Spiranac selfie
Paige Spiranac looks stunning on the golf course as she shows off some new sunglasses and continues to be a golfing pro. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Golf pro Paige Spiranac is an athlete and stylish internet personality who frequently shares her cute athletic looks with her fans.

Paige has had an eventful year as she continues her PointsBet Sportsbook ambassadorship and released a few towels with herself on them and even has a calendar available for pre-order.

The blonde beauty frequently takes to her social media accounts to show off her cute style, latest products and collaborations, and she even gives her fans some golf tips for free.

Paige received a shoutout from another Instagram account this week for the glasses brand Tomahawk Shades. The eyewear store boasts “premium small batch eyewear” with pieces that start as low as $35.

One of the perks of being an internet celebrity and sports pro like Paige is that she got to try out a pair of sunglasses from the brand and even bring them onto the golf course.

She reshared the snap to her own Instagram Stories, showing off the new shades with her followers.

Paige Spiranac tests new shades in tiny crop top and miniskirt

Paige posed for a quick snap on the golf course with many green plains behind her. The sky was blue with wisps of clouds breaking through, but the focus was definitely on the golfer herself.

She wore a ballcap with a visor out front to keep the sun out of her eyes and kept her hair on either side of her head in two half braids.

She wore a tiny off-white crop top with a deep neckline, a pristine white athletic skirt, and matching sneakers for the rest of her outfit. She kept her shades tucked into the front of her shirt.

Paige Spiranac's Instagram Story showing off her new shades
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

On the right side of the photo, text read, “[Paige Spiranac] testing out some shades this week!” and the post featured two red heart emojis above the caption.

While this quick snap may be proof that Paige is gorgeous and to be admired for her looks alone, it’s essential to Paige that people recognize she isn’t just a woman online – she’s a professional and knows a lot about golf itself and how to care for a course.

Paige Spiranac shows off her bunker-raking skills

Course maintenance may not be the most interesting part of playing an exciting sport like golf, but it’s important to keep the course in prime condition to be able to keep golfing on it.

Paige took to her TikTok account to give her followers a quick tip on raking bunkers so that golf balls don’t get stuck in someone’s footprint.

She explained in the video that when raking the bunker, it’s important to get a good “split grip” on the rake and then push the rake out quickly before slowly dragging it back to correct the ground.

Though it may seem simple enough, as Paige writes, “Golf basics 101,” in the caption, proper form is always important, too.

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