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Paige Spiranac in braless top wants a man’s love

Paige Spiranac close up
Paige Spiranac close up. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac is sizzling in a revealing look as she delights her rising TikTok fanbase.

The OG Insta-Golf Girl is building up her following on the platform, and a new video has been showing she’s got a sense of humor.

Paige, who is divorced, talked about men in her video, one gaining plenty of likes and also showing off her fit figure.

The Colorado-born sensation looked impeccable as she walked fans through her thought process when it comes to men.

Talking fantasy football while posing in tight red shorts and a plunging and braless white top, Paige sat on her bed as she addressed her fans.

The former pro golfer, drawing attention to her silhouette, was energetic as she revealed she had had an “epiphany” recently.

“I don’t want a fairytale love story. I want a man to love me like he loves his fantasy football team,” she added. Here, Paige reminded her fellow ladies not to “settle.” Paige further noted that a fantasy football man isn’t going to have “commitment issues.”

By this point, Paige had switched to selfie mode, with the camera also taking in her flawless makeup as she continued with the humor talk. She added a #fantasyfootball to her caption.

Paige has opened up on her own relationship situation, this following a failed marriage to trainer Steven Tinoco.

Paige Spiranac says she’s open to marriage following divorce

Speaking on her Playing a Round podcast this year, Paige revealed: “As you guys know, I am divorced. I wasn’t married for very long and I think that when I initially got divorced, I said I will never get married ever again.”

Paige then let fans know that she’s changed her mind as time has passed.

Paige Spiranac on the red carpet
Paige Spiranac admits she wasn’t married for very long, but she knows what she wants from a man. Pic credit: ©

The YouTube instructor continued, saying: “Now, when I think about it, yes I definitely think I do want to remarry and I’ve learned so many things. I believe in love and I don’t want to have one not great experience ruin a great experience moving forward.”

Paige Spiranac’s fans love her either way

Paige continues to prove immensely popular on social media, and beyond.

In 2022, Maxim crowned her the Sexiest Woman Alive, a prize last year going to artist Teyana Taylor.

Paige marked the win on her Instagram by posing in a sizzling open jacket while going shirtless. In the gushing post, she joked about breaking her Instagram.

Paige Spiranac still likes to hit the golf course and show off skills

Paige has proved herself to be a very successful model, social influencer, and businesswoman but she hasn’t forgotten her golfing roots, regularly posting tips, pics, and videos from the golf course.

She recently took to Instagram to show off an unusual driving technique. While wearing the most amazing skintight white body sports suit, she took a run on the tee and gave the golf ball a massive whack.

In the caption, Paige referenced two classic golf movies, “What is your favorite golf movie? Love Happy Gilmore but Tin Cup is my favorite❤️”

In spring, Paige posted another driving video to Instagram. This time, she was dressed all in black with tiny shorts and a skintight plunging top.

In the video, she placed a ball on the tee before walking toward the camera and returning to the tee to drive the ball.

Paige explained in the caption that this was her pre-drive routine and joked that unnecessarily showing off her butt on Instagram was part of that routine, “A pre shot routine is very important to the improvement of your golf game and to show off your butt unnecessarily on IG.”

Golf fans can always rely on Paige to give them some helpful tips on her Instagram.

Routine is important to Paige, and she suggests, “My biggest tip is to focus on every shot as if you’re on the golf course.”

All of Paige’s clips get approximately 100,000 likes.

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20 days ago

She will never be faithful! She cheated on her husband and will cheat again.