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Paige Spiranac is changing womens’ golf fashion with this white minidress

Paige Spiranac close up
Paige Spiranac close up. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Former pro golfer and social media favorite Paige Spiranac has been hitting the green in a head-turning look.

The 29-year-old former athlete and YouTube instructor proved she hasn’t abandoned the golf course as she posted video footage to her Instagram Stories this week. Paige is followed by over 3 million, with a slightly lower following over on TikTok.

The Colorado native put her fit figure on show while showcasing a sizzling and thigh-skimming minidress look, also filming herself in selfie mode and all smiles as she rocked the braless trend.

Fans saw the blonde walking across the green while looking lovely in white. She went low-cut and clingy in her criss-cross back minidress, one showing off her killer curves and toned muscles.

Paige added in crisp white sneakers and cute ankle socks, plus a white baseball cap, also wearing her blonde locks in pigtails. While initially in selfie mode, Paige switched to being filmed pushing equipment around as she wrote: “Golf time.”

The story only remained live for 24 hours.

Paige Spiranac says she’s been told her outfits are ‘inappropriate’

Paige may get the thumbs-up from male fans as she shows off her figure in skimpy green looks, but it doesn’t mean that everyone approves.

Speaking on her Playing a Round with Paige Renee podcast, the star revealed one experience she won’t forget.

“I wore something that I knew I wouldn’t get in trouble with. I had a collar, I zipped the zipper up, so there was no cleavage showing, it came about mid-thigh, and I felt like it was a very appropriate outfit. This lady goes up to one of the workers, and I hear her talking to this guy, and I can’t quite make it out. Then all of a sudden I hear, ‘what she’s wearing is inappropriate, we have rules, I’m going to talk to her,'” Paige revealed, adding:

“I tee off, and I’m shaking because I never want to be in a position where I’m making a bad first impression. I [don’t like to] look inappropriate because I know the misconceptions on me, to begin with, so I really try to dress as appropriately as possible.”

Paige Spiranac stuns fans in hot shots

Paige proved popular over the Fourth of July as she stunned fans in a checkered bikini while posing outdoors.

She has since delighted fans with a tiny shorts and knits look while showing off her bombshell curls and offering up a giveaway.

For more from Paige, give her Instagram a follow – WWE star Mandy Rose is subscribed.