Paige Spiranac in blue for important message

paige spiranac selfie on instagram november 28 2020
Social media star and golfer Paige Spiranac continues to provide stunning content. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac is known for drawing attention to the game of golf, as she’s demonstrated her abilities on the green many times on social media to her millions of fans.

She recently said she faced backlash and upset some people with her comments regarding local pros and teaching others how to become better golfers.

With that, she clarified her original message, also sharing some valuable suggestions for anyone trying to find an ideal individual to learn from in their region.

The blonde bombshell appeared in several recent videos on social media, including one on her Instagram Stories that featured her in a plunging dark blue top, seated comfortably on a white seat with a window next to her.

The sleeveless top revealed Paige’s shoulders and arms, which she previously revealed she keeps toned thanks to dieting and low-impact workouts.

Paige kept her makeup minimal and her hair parted in the middle, with some of her wavy locks visible as they fell down her back and toward her chest.

“Golf Instructors This Is For You!” she wrote on a text bubble on her IG Stories video as she made her point.

paige spiranac in ig story about golf instructors
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

The video above arrived recently for Paige’s Instagram Stories, where the social media sensation has 3.7 million followers to see her latest content. However, she had other content on Twitter which seemed to spark some backlash.

Paige Spiranac spoke about good and bad golf instructors

Taking to her Twitter several days ago, Paige Spiranac had a controversial tweet regarding how most “local pros” aren’t adequate when it comes to providing golf instruction, and learning from “great ones” can be pricy.

She mentioned she’s “learned from the best” and would be working as a teaching pro if she weren’t doing social media, so she’s started offering online instruction.

paige spiranac replies to tweet about local pros
Pic credit: @PaigeSpiranac/Twitter

Apparently, she came under fire for that, as she shared a video a day later to talk about the differences between good and bad instructors in the golf world. The blonde beauty wore a colorful crop top and black pants as she sat on a bed to speak her mind.

“In a shocking twist to absolutely no one, I’ve pissed more people off on Twitter,” she said in her video, indicating she stands by her initial tweet.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with local golf pros. There are good instructors, and there are a lot of really bad instructors,” Paige explained, adding, “It makes sense because most people don’t know the difference between a touring PGA professional and a PGA-certified teaching pro.”

She further explained that the PGA professionals are the ones you see playing on tours on television, while the certified teaching pro might not have much golf experience but went through the course to become certified.

Paige said that while it’s great for people to get instructions if they want them, it can be pretty costly, starting around $50 per hour and going to $1500 per hour for the high-tier instructors. She went on to give advice on how to find good instructors in various states and do research to find the best option.

Paige shared her favorite low-impact workout

With Paige, a major star on social media and also considered a celebrity within the golf world, she is likely dedicated to staying healthy and maintaining her fit look.

On her YouTube channel in 2021, Paige shared her favorite low-impact workout, which included some of the lower and upper body exercises she does all the time.

She used an exercise band to demonstrate upper body moves, including bicep curls, lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, and tricep pushdowns. She showed off kettlebell exercises for the lower body, including the kettlebell swing, goblet squats, and deadlifts.

“Those exercises might seem a little bit easier than you know, doing some very heavyweight, but it is not due to the fact I’m dripping sweat right now,” she said. Check out the full video below for more of Paige’s explanation about the routine.

Regarding diet, Paige explained that sometimes when she starts dieting, she might get too extreme about it and then doesn’t keep up with it, so intuitive eating worked better for her.

“I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as I possibly can but still not depriving myself. That’s really something I’ve been focusing on. I’m doing more intuitive eating, so if I feel like I want something, I’m going to eat it, but you don’t always have to finish it,” she said of her diet.

She mentioned that the exercises in her video are ones she does all the time, and she really feels they help her, indicating they also help with her golf game.

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