Paige Spiranac goes violet to teach fans the best shots for a short game of golf

Paige Spiranac selfie up close
Paige Spiranac is stunning for her first golf lesson of the year for a short game. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac was rather absent from social media for the last half of December, but the “OG Insta golf girl” made her return this week.

Paige often shares golf tutorials online and advertises for different brands and items to cushion her bank account.

On Monday, she shared a short video with her fans to teach them how to hit certain golf shots that are best for playing a short game.

She hit the course in a matching purple outfit, including skintight purple leggings and a plunging zipped crop top. Her socks and shoes were a stark white, and she added in her blue golf glove for grip.

She kept her long locks held up high in a ponytail as she explained some of the best shots for a short game, including a low spinner (taught to her by none other than pro golfer Tiger Woods), the bunker shot, the touchy spin off a downhill lie, and the flop shot.

Although it’s hard to tell how many of her fans are there for her golf tips, it’s clear that Paige knows what she’s doing on a golf course and is a sure source when it comes to improving anyone’s golf game.

Paige Spiranac channels Joe Burrow for PointsBet

Paige gave her best shot at pulling off Bengals football star Joe Burrow and his incredible fashion sense, but she insists she’s “not cool enough” to channel the quarterback’s style.

However, the video was part of a larger announcement for her partnership with PointsBet, a sports betting platform.

Ohio is one of the most recent states to allow sports betting, and with Joe Burrow leading the Cincinnati Bengals farther than they’ve gotten in quite some time last year, it’s only fitting to try to be “Joe Cool.”

Paige Spiranac’s ‘favorite low-impact workout’

Although golf may not always be as physically taxing as other sports, it’s still important to stay in shape, and Paige shares some of her workouts on her YouTube channel.

One of her favorite workouts is a low-impact workout, which she notes is good for those who want to work out without straining their joints, working on a recovery day, or needing a quiet workout. She advises that all you really need is a resistance band and a kettlebell.

The video starts with a short intro and includes upper-body and lower-body workouts.

For the upper body, Paige uses a resistance band for her routine. First, she does a curl, showing fans the proper way to use the band and control their pace.

For the lower body, she shared some of her favorite kettlebell exercises with her fans and how to use proper form with the weight.

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