Paige Spiranac goes golf-cute to promote incredible sale

golf star paige spiranac in ig selfie
Golfing sensation Paige Spiranac informed her millions of followers about a special offer. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

As a social media influencer with millions of followers online, golf sensation Paige Spiranac often promotes various products and offers related to her interests.

The latest arrived with Paige posing outdoors in a woodsy setting, wearing a low-cut black crop top shirt with long sleeves.

She also wore a plaid miniskirt featuring black, grey, and white in the pattern, with her upper legs and part of a knee-high white sock visible in the photo.

Paige was all smiles, with her wavy blonde locks flowing down past her shoulders. She wore dark eyeliner and lashes along with soft pink lipstick adding to her beautiful look.

She didn’t have any noticeable accessories but held an item in hand for a promotion involving Shot Scope. That item was likely one of their Golf Laser Rangefinder devices which can help golfers improve their game.

On her Instagram Story slide, Paige indicated “Huge Discounts” were in effect while also providing followers a code for a 15 percent discount.

paige spiranac instagram story post
Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac’s Shot Scope endorsement

Based on her jaw-dropping Instagram Story post, Paige Spiranac may be among Shot Scope Ambassadors who get a commission for referring customers to buy their products.

Shot Scope makes a range of items to help golfers improve their game. These include their Laser Rangefinders, performance-tracking GPS Watches, and GPS Handhelds.

“We as golfers understand that golf is much more enjoyable when you play well. Shot Scope provide devices for use on the golf course designed to help you improve and understand your game,” Shot Scope states.

Their website also indicates that thousands of golfers who use their products have improved their handicaps by 4.1 shots. Since Paige is a famous golf star on social media, who often shows off her swings, drives, and techniques, it makes sense that she would promote these products to her followers!

Paige also supports Team USA

While Paige’s sport of choice is golf, she doesn’t hesitate to show her support and love for other sports, including baseball, football, and soccer. In November, she took to her Instagram to root for Team USA as the 2022 World Cup was getting going in Qatar.

In her IG post, Paige wore a white shirt with large black “USA” letters and a few red stars visible across the chest area. She had the revealing shirt modified in crop top form, as it was tied in the middle showing her midsection.

She paired that with dark blue or black shorts as she sat on a fuzzy throw on a bed with her head tilted to one side.

“World Cup! Who are you rooting for?” she asked her millions of followers.

The IG carousel post featured three photos of the golf beauty, including one of her standing up and leaning against a doorway with a bed behind her. A third photo gave a close-up selfie of Paige.

Paige also tagged Points Bet USA on her post, a sports betting app and website she frequently promotes. Her stunning Team USA post collected over 167,000 likes and 3,800-plus comments.

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