Paige Spiranac gives a lesson in holding your putter

Paige sizzles in a selfie.
Paige Spiranac offers golf tips. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac gave her latest golf lesson in a very revealing outfit. 

The former golf pro is still involved in the sport and frequently breaks down aspects of how to play golf. 

This time around, the social media star gave tips on how to grip the putter more efficiently. 

She wore a plunging blue crop top and matching shorts, with her blonde locks perfectly styled in curls. 

In a video, soundtracked by Avicii’s song Levels, Paige demonstrated the different ways to grip a putter with finger placement or a dominant hand preference. 

In addition, she advised learning golfers to experiment with the grip size to find a suitable fit. 

Paige, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday, shared the clip with her 3.7 million Instagram followers, adding in the caption, “Let’s talk about how to grip your putter!”

The beauty is also passionate about fitness and gives tips on how she stays in great shape.  

Paige Spiranac shows her low-impact workout routine

In a YouTube video, Paige showed her favorite low-impact workouts. She also opened up about her struggles with diet and recommended initiative eating. 

In her low-impact routine, the former golfer started with resistance band bicep curls and went into lateral raises. 

For the next exercise, Paige bent her knees and arms with her palms forward and extended the resistance band for a back workout. 

She performed each exercise with four sets and 12 repetitions but told her audience to go at their own pace. 

For the final upper-body workout, she performed tricep curls.

Paige switched to the kettlebell for her lower body and performed kettlebell swings while presenting details on how to perform the exercise with the proper posture. 

Her next exercise was goblet squats, followed by deadlifts with the kettlebell. She switched to the one-leg version with a lighter weight to reduce the impact on her joints. 

Paige Spiranac takes a swing for Club Champion

In another of her IG posts, Paige hit the golf course and showed her skills in partnership with Club Champion. 

The stunner offered a discount code for her followers to get fitted in the caption.

The brand is a custom golf club fitter and builds them tailored to the golfer’s needs.  

Club Champion launched in 2010 and has golf club fitting experts located near every golf market in the United States.

In the clip, Paige wore a white crop top and a grey miniskirt with Nike trainers as she hit the golf ball with perfect form for the promo. 

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