Paige Spiranac gets excited for March Madness

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac got ready for March Madness in a spandex bra top and spandex micro shorts. Pic credit: @paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac hopped online for the first time in three days to share her excitement for March Madness, which begins today.

The former golf pro-turned-social-media star, who will turn 30 on March 26, spread her excitement for basketball’s biggest event of the year by doing what she does best and posing in revealing attire to get fans pumped.

Posing for a three-part series, Paige chose a sportier ensemble for her post, rocking a spandex bra and spandex micro shorts.

Starting off by giving a backward glance over one shoulder, Paige kept her blonde locks in a high ponytail that served major 90s vibes.

Paige’s top was patterned with red and white hues and spaghetti straps that ran from her shoulders down her mid back, while the shorts were in an all-red coloring.

A basketball sat propped against her hip while the basketball court underneath her glistened with moisture from an apparent recent rain.

The final two snaps showed Paige crouching down to show off the front of her outfit while her manicured hands kept the ball in place on the ground. The final shot showed her in a standing position with a big smile on her face as she tugged at her hair.

“I don’t think this is what they meant by make it rain lol but rain or shine March madness starts today! Who do you have winning?” she captioned her post while posing a question to her fans.

While Paige’s latest share focused on gearing up for basketball, Paige has lent her beauty to other sports events around the globe, with the star having recently visited Australia for a Melbourne horse racing event.

Paige Spiranac goes floral in Australia

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Paige brought some color to the Melbourne Racing at Flemington Racecourse, showing that she knows how to keep it classy when necessary.

Paige was a vision in white and red for her time Down Under, going with a stunning floral dress that hugged her curves perfectly.

She styled her locks in a sleek, side sweep that cascaded over one shoulder and down her front, and the golfer added tasteful touches of makeup that included bright red lips.

The gorgeous dress Paige chose for her outing was a stand-out against the backdrop of green grass as the strapless upper half let her glowing skin shine while splashes of large, red flowers added a pop of color on top of the white material.

As all of her posts prove, Paige clearly knows how to handle her fitness, and the star recently shared a look at her routine on YouTube.

Paige Spiranac shares her exercise routine

Using Arizona as her exercise playground for the clip, Paige explained that she would be sharing tips on staying in shape while also ensuring to work every muscle possible.

After sharing that temps in the state during filming were over 100 degrees, thus slightly hindering her ability to go entirely into a hardcore routine, Paige still brought her best moves forward as she demonstrated toning techniques.

She started off doing sets of squats and jump squats, saying that she does four sets of each to make sure her legs get enough time to acclimate and build muscle.

She then moved on to reverse lunges and regular lunges to increase her stamina and leg toning before working in a total-body set with air chest presses, jumping jacks, and 10 split jumps.

Going back to more leg-focused exercising, Paige shifted into side shuffles to keep her muscles warm and loose so she could tackle 50-yard sprints.

“That is the workout, the field workout,” she shared at the end while catching her breath.

“It’s a tough one, so if you don’t have a lot of time [and] really want to get your heart rate up, it’s great for you to try out at home,” she said, adding that fans just need to make sure they have enough space to do the sprinting at the end.

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