Paige Spiranac gets excited about new towel launch

Paige Spiranac poses for the holidays.
Paige Spiranac hopped online to tell fans about her latest towel line launch. Pic credit: @paige.renee/Instagram

Former golf professional-turned-social-media-influencer Paige Spiranac continued her online hot streak as she talked up her latest merchandise line.

The blonde beauty, who turned 30 yesterday, kept up her internet presence as she shared exciting news with her fans.

Rocking a stunning green ensemble with an open-faced blazer and a matching mini-skirt, Paige told her followers that her newest towel line was launched via her website.

Sharing two snaps to celebrate the moment, Paige went with a minimalistic look as she left her locks free and down and decorated her face with just subtle hints of makeup.

While Paige is typically the primary focus of her posts, her latest share ensured that her message was clear despite her dazzling vibe as she splashed the page with faux road signs and a banner announcing the new towels.

“New golf towel!” read the main line on the left side of her first pic, while capitalized lettering on photoshopped sign arrows spelled out, “Can I get an amen?”

Paige Spiranac goes green to talk about her latest towel line.
Paige Spiranac talks about her latest towel launch. Pic credit: @paige.renee/Instagram

The second shot gave fans a better glimpse of the items Paige was promoting, with the star showing that she has not only released more towels to add to her line, but she has also added new t-shirts and hats to the Augusta Collection launch.

Paige Spiranac tells fans about her latest towel line.
Paige Spiranac poses to talk about new towels. Pic credit: @paige.renee/Instagram

Per usual, Paige brought her very best to her latest share, and the star has made it clear that she takes her fitness seriously as she showed off her famous figure.

The golfer recently shared some of her best exercise tips with fans via her YouTube channel as she went outside for a quick routine.

Paige Spiranac shares her secrets to staying fit

Paige took to a grassy park for a workout session in which she showed followers how to work up a sweat even with limited time.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Paige admitted in the clip that, despite obviously taking her physical fitness seriously, she is not immune to feeling resistance about tackling tough workouts.

However, the athlete said the routine she captured for her video had helped her to overcome some of the boredom that can go hand-in-hand with static workouts.

“I hate doing cardio,” she shared. “I was trying to run a mile every single day, and it just wasn’t for me. So I’ve now been doing some sprint work with some other exercises mixed in.”

Sharing that her sets were “easy to modify” and don’t require a lot of space, Paige then went into a series of jump squats, regular squats, lunges, modified jumping jacks, and shuffles to work her entire body in a short time frame.

She finished off the sets with a quick field sprint to activate her heart and target more muscles.

As Paige gears up for her latest golf towel launch, the star has also made sure to share her excitement for other sports unrelated to the green, doing so in the way she does best.

Paige Spiranac shares her excitement for March Madness

In a post shared over a week ago, Paige stepped away from her usual golf discussions and risque posts to discuss basketball.

The golfer sported a peppy two-piece as she posed on the basketball court to get her followers jazzed up for the sport’s biggest event of the year.

Paige kept her hair up in a high ponytail that was reminiscent of styles worn in the 90s as she gave her usual fierce gazes and brilliant smiles to captivate her followers as she asked what team her fans were rooting for this year.

Whether she is sharing her own excitement about sports or simply posing for fun, Paige has continued to prove that she has an online presence that keeps the populace fully engaged and eager to see more from their favorite celebrity.

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