Paige Spiranac explains how to know if it’s really her sending you a message

Paige Spiranac poses for a selfie.
Paige Spiranac sizzled again as she showed off her curves in an unbuttoned shirt while relaying information to her fans. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac has proven again that she is the queen of social media eye candy.

Known for using her social media sites to capture the attention of her fans by rocking typically-skimpy attire to relay information, Paige is not one to waste precious platform space with mundane snaps and videos.

Always seeming to revel in getting hearts racing, the former golf pro, 29, recently even celebrated the World Series in a way only she knows how.

Paige stood with her back to the camera, donning a cheeky, pinstriped number, her short-shorts and crop top sporting navy blue, white, and red hues to go with the baseball theme while nibbling her nail coyly.

Three weeks ago, she sent temps soaring as she demonstrated golf prowess while wearing a tiny miniskirt.

Now, the internet sensation was back at it again as she rocked a flirty top to tell her fans how to tell if they are receiving messages from her or a fake account.

Paige Spiranac goes unbuttoned for an explanation

Taking to her online account for her most recent share, Paige once again left followers likely picking their jaws up off the floor as she launched into a little informative explanation.

Wearing a tight top with the first four buttons left undone to show off some bust, Paige was as dazzling as always.

Leaving her blonde hair sleek and down, Paige gave fans an update regarding just how to know if the account they are following is run by her or not.

“Is the message coming from my verified account?” Paige inquired in her video.

“If so, it is me. Is the message coming from an account under my name that has zero followers, it is not me,” she explained.

Despite any confusion some of her devotees may have had, Paige has continued to reign over the web with her sizzling pics, often enticing them in with offers around her personal merchandise line.

Paige Spiranac drops new golf towel collection

Earlier in the summer, Paige informed fans that she would be dropping some new towel merchandise soon, doing so while clad in lacy lingerie and gripping a beer mug.

Captioning the sultry snap saying, “New golf towel drops tomorrow,” Paige told everyone to keep an eye open for a link to her line to be made available soon.

In September, the Maxim magazine’s World’s Sexiest Woman title holder also shared with fans that products from her photo shoot with the publication would be put up on her personal website for purchase.

Paige said that fans could expect to find items such as posters, hats, and towels for sale once the site was fully up and running.

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