Paige Spiranac answers questions about life for social media Q&A

Paige Spiranac close up selfie
Paige Spiranac answered fan questions in a Q&A. Pic credit: @_paige.renee/Instagram

Paige Spiranac of the “OG Insta golf girl” fame has always made sure to interact with her fans on social media, often replying to comments and answering their questions.

She must have had some downtime recently as she posted several Instagram Stories in which she did a Q&A where followers could ask her just about anything they wanted to know.

Paige is famous for her fashionable attire and didn’t disappoint with her outfit in the video clips. She went for a low-cut black T-shirt that certainly looked flattering on her and accentuated her slim figure.

She kept her hair out of her eyes with a gray headband which was quite a different look from her usual blonde bombshell waves.

Paige kept her makeup fairly natural, going for her usual flick of mascara, brushed eyebrows, and light pink lipstick, all of which gave her a stunning “no makeup, makeup” look.

The golf influencer answered questions in her video, with one follower even asking her a somewhat deep, contemplative question. The fan wrote, “What is the meaning of life? And also all the best to you.”

She talked about feeling depressed in the past due to waking up every day and feeling like her life had no meaning. However, her advice was to try to simplify life and just do what you love rather than looking for the deeper meaning in everything.

Paige Spiranac answering social media fan questions
Pic credit: @_paige.renee

Paige Spiranac often gives golf tutorials on her social media page

Being the “OG Insta golf girl” comes with some responsibility, and that means Paige has to post frequent golf tutorials to keep her 3.7 million Instagram followers satisfied.

In her most recent golf post just a day ago, Paige looked sporty in a gray miniskirt and a beige, long-sleeved crop top with sneakers as she hit some balls on the course.

She showed off some basic moves as she sashayed up to the grass with a ball and putter in hand, set the ball down, and gave it a professional hit. After proving her skills, the influencer looked happily at the camera as she sauntered off.

At the beginning of January, Paige gave a detailed post about short game and the different types of strokes one can make.

She wore a purple spandex outfit and revealed the four different shots in her caption: The Low Spinner (taught to her by Tiger Woods apparently), the Bunker Shot, the Touchy Spin, and the Flop Shot. For each one she offered a variety of helpful tips.

Paige is an ambassador for Club Champion

In the same outfit as her post from yesterday, Paige did what she does best — give her followers a great deal.

Her Instagram is one to watch if you’re super into golf and looking for discounts, as she shared one in October for Club Champion.

She offered followers a 50% discount on a fitting at Club Champion, and she’ll likely be offering more codes in the future.

Club Champion offers custom club fittings at its many locations, with a variety of prices depending on what customers are looking for.

They offer a Full Bag Fitting for $400 with an appointment lasting 3.5 hours. It includes “the most comprehensive fitting in the industry,” covering all types of golf clubs.

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